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獨立音樂發行商The Orchard新增串流分析應用程式

獨立音樂發行商The Orchard新增串流分析應用程式

◎ Sony擁有的獨立音樂發行商The Orchard已推出行動應用程式「OrchardGo」,讓唱片公司和歌手可以查看Spotify、Apple Music和其他串流媒體服務中的數據。


Sony-owned indie music distributor The Orchard has launched the mobile app OrchardGo to give labels and artists access to data from Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services.

OrchardGo, which is available via iOS and Android apps, can be accessed by Orchard distributed artists and labels to follow each release, see when a track is added to a new playlist, how each release is performing week over week and more.