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◎Tidal在推出一週年之際宣佈,其付費訂閱人數已經遍及46個國家的超過3000萬人了。這個由Jay Z所擁有的串流服務在過去幾個月裡有包括Lil Wayne、Indochine、Damian Marley和TIP加入了Beyonce、Rihanna、Jack White及幾位重量級歌手的行列,成為Tidal的「藝人股東」。

◎Tidal除了有獨家的直播串流及新曲發表之外,還提供近4000萬首歌曲及13萬支視頻影片給用戶。目前已經有9位歌手選擇在Tidal獨家首發他們最新的專輯,包括Prince、The Dead Weather以及之前Beyoncé的《Formation》專輯。視頻串流是Tidal營運業務中最大的部分,過去一年裡,Tidal總共對其用戶直播串流了全球44場演唱會及活動,範圍從Kanye West的Yeezy Season 3時裝秀到教宗方濟各到費城參加天主教活動都有,而Kanye West的時裝秀有超過2300萬人觀看。


Tidal has marked its one year anniversary by revealing it now has three million users across 46 countries.

The Jay Z-owned service added new 'artist owners' in the last few months, with Lil Wayne, Indochine, Damian Marley and TIP joining Beyonce, Rihanna, Jack White and several more heavyweights.

Tidal also claimed it offers nearly 40 million songs and 130,000 videos to its users, in addition to access to exclusive livestreams and releases. Prince and The Dead Weather were among nine acts who exclusively premiered their latest albums on the platform, alongside high profile single debuts such as Beyoncé's Formation.

Video is a large part of Tidal's operations, with 44 global events and concerts livestreamed to users in its first year. Streams ranged from Kanye West's Yeezy Season 3 fashion show, which was viewed by more than 23 million people, to a Catholic gathering in Philadelphia attended by Pope Francis.

A triumphant release from the streaming service said: "By offering artists more creative control and fans exclusive access to offline experiences and livestreams, the platform quickly transformed the traditional streaming subscription model into an entertainment experience never before attempted by a single streaming service."


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