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YouTube Music新增「連結音樂人頁面」及「僅用Wi-Fi播放影音串流」的功能

YouTube Music新增「連結音樂人頁面」及「僅用Wi-Fi播放影音串流」的功能

◎YouTube Music這個特別為YouTube Red音樂訂閱服務打造的應用程式目前仍處於起步階段,在此次新的改版中增加了一些新功能來讓用戶有更好的聆聽體驗。首先是在標準的觀看歌手頁面中多了「More From」功能按鈕,點擊進去就可以看見更多該音樂人的歌曲。



YouTube Music, the app built specifically for the YouTube Red music subscription service, is still somewhat in its infancy. There's plenty of room for improvement, and version 1.16 adds a couple of small but notable changes to better the listening experience. First, the standard Watch page (the one with the actual video on it) now has a "More from..." button, with the ellipses replaced with the relevant artist for each video. It allows users to find more music from that specific artist. Makes sense. To see the button you may need to expand the viewer in portrait mode.

The other change is an option to stream video only via Wi-Fi, a handy toggle for anyone on a low-capacity data plan. To switch this option on, open the Settings menu and select "stream via Wi-Fi only." Note that this is in addition to the "only stream HD video on Wi-Fi" option, which was already present, and that this obviously won't interfere with downloaded music. There's no mention of any bug fixes or performance improvements in the changelog on the Play Store, but there are probably a couple of tweaks under the hood.

Version 1.16 of YouTube Music seems to be going out on the Play Store already, but if for some reason you can't access it, it's also been uploaded to APK Mirror.


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