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澳洲Spotify運用CrowdDJ點唱平台與Nightlife Music合作

澳洲Spotify運用CrowdDJ點唱平台與Nightlife Music合作

◎澳洲專做場域背景音樂的公司Nightlife Music與Spotify結盟研發新一代的音樂點唱平台,讓使用者用智慧型手機就可以當DJ炒熱場子。透過與Spotify的整合,crowdDJ應用程式的使用者可以選擇他們喜歡的音樂,用場地的播音系統播放出來。這個應用程式已經在大約250個有訂閱Nightlife Music系統的場地如酒吧、保齡球館、健身房測試成功,這些場地多半都有設置一個壁掛式的操作亭讓客人可以透過免費下載的應用程式選擇歌曲。另一個功能是讓客人可以存下每個場地中由Nightlife Music策劃的播放列表,之後再匯入自己的Spotify帳號中。

◎CrowdDJ於3月22日在雪梨推出,預計在今年下半年將擴展到有1000個場地使用,Nightlife Music高管希望,CrowdDJ能在3000個場域使用。


Australian background music specialist Nightlife Music has partnered with Spotify on a next-generation music jukebox which allows consumers to play DJ in a venue from their own smartphone.

Through its integration with Spotify, users of the crowdDJ app can choose the music they want to pump out the in-house soundsystem in one of hundreds of sites Down Under. It's been successfully beta tested in roughly 250 venues which subscribe to the existing Nightlife system, from pubs and bars to gyms and bowling alleys. Those participating sites will typically carry wall-mounted kiosks where guests can peruse and select the tunes via the free-to-download app.

Another feature allows guests to save the venue's playlist, which is curated by Nightlife, to tap into later via their own Spotify account.

CrowdDJ got its commercial launch with a presentation Monday night (March 22) in Sydney and is anticipated to expand to 1,000 venues by the second half of the year. Execs at Brisbane-based Nightlife are keen to see the platform reach out across its network of 3,000 sites across the market, a figure which extrapolates to about 6,000 rooms.

"We're thrilled to support such an innovative collaboration and believe music fans across Australia will fall in love with it." notes Kate Vale, managing director of Spotify Australia & New Zealand,

The unveiling of crowdDJ follows the recent appointment of former Omnifone exec David O'Rourke as CEO of Nightlife. O'Rourke, who has experience with tech firms in the U.K.

and U.S., succeeds Tina Smith-Roberts, who has left the company.

O'Rourke is confident the initiative will have a bottom-line impact for the hospitality and music industries. "Venues will start to see longer dwell times and repeat patronage," he says. "In turn, the music industry will see greater awareness and adoption of high quality music services like Spotify for home, and Nightlife Music for business. Subsequently, these revenue opportunities will flow through to artists."