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◎樂壇傳奇歌手Prince的死亡消息一公布立刻震驚了樂壇和全世界。許多樂迷想去重溫他的歌曲時才發現,目前全球只有Tidal這唯一一家音樂串流服務擁有這位流行音樂巨星授權提供的音樂,其他包括Spotify、Apple Music都因為沒有獲得授權而無法聽到。



The world on Thursday lost a masterful musician and storyteller in Prince, who died this morning at the age of 57. Prince's untimely passing comes just three months after the passing of another music legend, David Bowie. It's a sad day for music fans around the world, and our condolences extend to Prince's friends and family.

Of course, there's no better way to celebrate an artist than by enjoying his or her art, and right now there's only one music streaming service with access to Prince's catalog.

No, it's not Spotify and no, it's not Apple Music. Instead, Jay Z's Tidal is the only place where you can legally stream top albums from Prince's extensive catalog.

Late last year Prince decided to pull his music from Spotify, claiming that the service wasn't paying him.

"My thing is this. The catalog has to be protected. And some of our fans were actually disingenuous. Taking the time to get their playlists together and yeah, it's gone," Prince said in an interview. "Now you got to actually go subscribe to get the music that you lost on Spotify. Spotify wasn't paying, so you gotta shut it down."

Tidal doesn't have a free subscription tier but if you haven't already tried the service, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial at this link.