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數位音樂服務的B2B供應商Omnifone將協助Line Music的全球擴展事業

數位音樂服務的B2B供應商Omnifone將協助Line Music的全球擴展事業

◎數位音樂服務的B2B供應商Omnifone證實該公司將和串流服務Line Music合作,這次的合作關係旨在協助Line Music順利擴展至日本以外地區,也為Line Music的音樂庫帶來數百萬首歌曲。

◎藉由這次的合作,Line Music將獲得Omnifone的全球音樂授權認證以及端點到端點的內容服務。Omnifone的音樂雲端MusicStation持有5000萬首音樂,為世界上最多錄音室品質音樂的公司;有了這些額外資源,Line Music可望在其服務中擴充更多歐美藝人的音樂。

◎Line集團自2011年成立以來,最成功的產品就是Line通訊軟體。雖然Line的通訊軟體在全球都有推出,但最多人使用的國家仍為日本當地,目前擁有6億名用戶,預計在年底之前可以達到7億名用戶;而Line Music將與Line整合,除能讓用戶發送歌曲給朋友,甚至也能一起收聽。


Omnifone have partnered with music streaming service Line Music for their expansion outside of Japan.

Omnifone, B2B provider for digital music services, have today confirmed a partnership with Line Music, a music streaming service from the developers of Japan’s most popular messaging app. The partnership aims to help Line Music expand, not just in reach but in content too with Omnifone bringing millions of tracks to Line Music’s catalogue.

With this partnership Line Music will gain access to Omnifone’s global music licensing expertise and end-to-end content services. With these extra resources Line Music hope to expand their catalogue with more western and European artists available on their service.

On Omnifone’s music cloud, MusicStation, they host 50 million tracks which they boast is the world’s largest collection of studio quality audio. Omnifone’s co-founder and Chief Engineer said in Omnifone’s announcement post: “We do the vital undifferentiated heavy-lifting, the music industry technology infrastructure that allows our partners to focus on the things that add value to them; the exciting features that enable them to grow their services more quickly.”

Chief Executive at Omnifone, Jeff Hughes, added: “With global messenger giant Line Corporation at the helm, Line Music has established itself as one of the front runners in the music subscription market. We’re delighted to be working with Line Music to support its continued growth

Line Corporation, who also own MixRadio, found major success with the 2011 launch of it’s messaging app Line. Line messenger is available globally but has seen most of it’s success in Japan where the app has gone on to become the largest social network with 600 million users and 700 million planned by the end of the year. Line Music integrates with Line allowing you to send tracks to friends and even listen simultaneously.

Chief Executive at Line Music, Jun Masuda, said: “Working with a UK-based global music service provider will help us to enrich our popular music service with a whole host of new international artists for our users to enjoy. We’re thrilled to be working with Omnifone’s licensing team.”

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