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社群網站Facebook正在加強其視頻追蹤工具以防堵侵犯著作權的行為,該公司和Audible Magic合作,旨在改善可能會被該平台阻止的內容的輸入口。欲上傳到Facebook的視頻影片必須先通過Audible Magic的聲紋辨識技術系統,此系統可以幫助識別並阻止未經授權的影片被放到Facebook平台上。




Facebook is beefing up its video tracking tools in an attempt to copyright infringement.

Working with Audible Magic, the social network aims to improve its intake of content intended to be blocked from the platform. Videos uploaded to Facebook are run through the Audible Magic system, which uses audio fingerprinting technology to help identify and prevent unauthorised videos from making their way onto the platform.

Additionally, Facebook claims to have reporting tools that enable content owners to tell us when someone has uploaded their video without permission, and we promptly remove those videos in response to valid reports. And our IP policies ensure that people that repeatedly post content without permission are held responsible for their actions.

An official Facebook blog post stated: "We’re working with Audible Magic to enhance the way that system works with Facebook, including improving the intake of content intended to be blocked from our platform. And we’re making improvements to our existing procedures so that infringing content can be reported and removed more efficiently, and to keep repeat infringers off our service.

"These existing measures work well for many creators, but some publishers with particular needs, including creators whose videos have gone viral, have been asking for more tools. To this end, we have been building new video matching technology that will be available to a subset of creators. This technology is tailored to our platform, and will allow these creators to identify matches of their videos on Facebook across Pages, profiles, groups, and geographies. Our matching tool will evaluate millions of video uploads quickly and accurately, and when matches are surfaced, publishers will be able to report them to us for removal.

"We will soon begin testing the beta version of this matching technology with a small group of partners, including media companies, multi-channel networks and individual video creators. Feedback from our partners is critical, and we’re eager to iterate and improve the system over the coming months. We also plan to make this technology available to more partners in the future, as well as to continue to build upon our already-existing tools."

The post concluded: "This is just the beginning. In the long-term, our goal is to provide a comprehensive video management system that fits the needs of our partners. This will take time, but we’re working on it, and we’re committed."

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