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環球音樂集團投資Nuday Games遊戲公司,打造全新的行動娛樂平台

環球音樂集團投資Nuday Games遊戲公司,打造全新的行動娛樂平台

◎環球音樂集團對Nuday Games公司進行戰略性的投資,欲將環球音樂集團旗下藝人的音樂合併至新遊戲中,為藝人及粉絲打造一個全新的行動娛樂平台。

◎Nuday Game和環球音樂集團合作推出的第一款遊戲為Rock Science - The Rock Game of the Century,粉絲將透過回答各類型搖滾藝人的知識和來自世界各地的玩家連線,進行益智類型的戰鬥,回答自己最喜歡的搖滾樂團相關知識以賺取更多金幣,並可以利用這些金幣解鎖更多官方的搖滾明星內容包,包括經典搖滾、重金屬、龐克搖滾、死亡金屬、垃圾搖滾、黑色金屬、迷幻搖滾等,目前的遊戲版本已納入環球音樂在全球的50名搖滾樂藝人。

◎現在Google Play和iOS的App Store上皆可免費下載Rock Science;此外也有推出桌遊版本的Rock Science。


Universal Music Group has made a strategic investment in Nuday Games, "a new mobile engagement platform for artists and fans."

As part of the new partnership with Universal Music Group, Nuday is building a game platform that incorporates music from UMG artists into new games.

Nuday Games' first release Rock Science - The Rock Game of the Century, a trivia based mobile app that turns knowledge about an artist into a social tool, building fan excitement and engagement. An enhanced version of Rock Science incorporates 50 of Universal Music's global rock artists.

Per Sundin, Universal Music's Managing Director of Sweden and SVP of the Nordic region, says: "This investment is yet another example of how we continuously explore new ways to keep our artists at the forefront of the latest digital innovations in music. We are firm believers in the potential of next generation deep social networks to give artists new platforms for communicating with their fans. Nuday Games are leaders in this exciting area and we're very pleased to be partnering with them to give our artists such an attractive new tool to strengthen the artist-fan bond even further."