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將Taylor Swift的音樂從Spotify撤除的唱片公司高層認為串流音樂的未來會更好

將Taylor Swift的音樂從Spotify撤除的唱片公司高層認為串流音樂的未來會更好

◎Spotify、Rhapsody、Deezer、Rdio、Slacker、Pandora、Tidal、Google Play、Apple Music及更多的串流服務,有一半以上在十年內會關閉服務。在競爭激烈的情況下,整合勢必會發生;但很少有唱片公司高層主管會如此直接不掩飾地談論這件事,更令人驚訝的是,Big Machine唱片公司的老闆Scott Brochetta對串流音樂的未來有非常正向的信念。

◎Scott Brochetta最近一次接受Upstart Business Journal的採訪時提到:「過不久串流將會有一個真正的突破。如果你回頭看十年前,那個廣播電台、網路電台、串流剛竄起的年代,一切都才剛開始。……當年我們拜訪的90%商店通路現在都已經不再營業了,所以從現在起的十年,我跟你保證目前在線上的串流服務至少有一半會不存在,至少不會獨立地存在。……未來串流的生意模式絕對會和現在截然不同,會有不同的收入來源。……不過好消息是,音樂人將得到報酬。……當我們能形成規模的時候,對大家而言都會比現在來得好。」


Spotify, Rhapsody, Deezer, Rdio, Slacker, Pandora, Tidal, Google Play, Apple Music and more. In 10 years, 50% will be gone. With so much competition, consolidation is inevitable; but seldom does a label executive put it in such stark terms. Even more surprising is Scott Brochetta's positive belief in streaming music's future.

"There are going to be real breakthroughs in streaming," Big Machine label boss Scott Borchetta said in a recent interview with Upstart Business Journal:

"If you look back 10 years ago where radio was, where online radio was, where streaming was, it was just getting started.

… Ninety percent of those outlets that we visited in that first year are out of business, so 10 years from now, I guarantee you at least half of those streaming services that exist today will not exist, at least not freestanding.

… It’s going to be a completely different way of doing business in the streaming space. It’s a different income stream. … The good news is, the musicians get paid. … When we can scale, it’s going to be really so much better for everyone."