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Taylor Swift的1989巡迴演唱銷售達到1.3億

Taylor Swift的1989巡迴演唱銷售達到1.3億

◎Taylor Swift的《1989》世界巡迴演唱票房銷售已經達到1.3億美元,極有可能會成為她有史以來最賣座的演唱會。

◎根據Billboard的Boxscore票房統計,目前《1989》巡迴的票房只比Taylor Swift去年夏天結束的《Red》巡迴演出的票房總結少了2000萬美元,但距離《1989》巡迴演唱最後一場於12月12日在澳洲的演出還有四個月。



Taylor Swift's 1989 world tour is on track to become her highest-grossing ever after reaching the $130 million mark in ticket sales,

According to Billboard Boxscore, it has grossed just $20m less than the final box office tally from the singer's 15-month Red tour, which ended last summer.

The 1989 tour still has four months to go before ending in Austrlia on December 12.

To date, the tour has reported 1.1 million tickets sold tickets from 37 performances until the end of August.

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