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TalkTalk 以500萬英鎊收購 Tesco的Blinkbox

TalkTalk 以500萬英鎊收購 Tesco的Blinkbox

據報導,Tesco旗下的線上影片串流服務公司Blinkbox,將被電信公司TalkTalk以500萬英鎊買下。該影片串流服務是從其音樂串流公司Blinkbox Music中獨立出來的,Blinkbox Music也正在待價而沽。

根據Music Week的了解,Tesco正在和可能的買家進一步討論關於Blinkbox Music的交易,交易的細節將在稍後公佈。根據英國電信報的報導,Blinkbox這項交易將在週四確認,同時會公布聖誕節的銷售數字及其新的英國執行長人選。

Blinkbox要出售的傳言從去年10月Tesco新任執行長Dave Lewis展開業務策略評估的時候就開始流傳。Vodafone本來在Blinkbox可能的買家之列,但看來最後是由TalkTalk取而代之。Blinkbox將繼續加強包括電視、寬頻、電話和移動電信等電子產品的服務。


Tesco's online film streaming service, Blinkbox, is to be reportedly bought by telecommunications firm TalkTalk for £5m.

The service is separate from its music streaming firm, Blinkbox Music, which is also up for sale.

Music Week  understands that Tesco is in advanced discussions with a potential buyer for Blinkbox Music, the details of which will be announced in due course.

The Blinkbox deal will be confirmed on Thursday, along with the unveiling of its new UK chief executive, when Tesco releases its Christmas sales figures, according toThe Telegraph.

Rumours of a Blinkbox sale have been circulatingsince October, whenDave Lewis, Tesco’s new chief executive, began a strategic review of the business. 

Vodafonewas originally in the running, but it seems TalkTalk has swooped for the service instead.

Blinkbox will bolster its already eclectic roster of offerings that include TV, broadband, phone, and mobile services.