“ Apple One”娛樂套裝可能會在10月首次亮相

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  • “ Apple One”娛樂套裝可能會在10月首次亮相


    ◎Apple可能正在準備推出期待已久的娛樂服務包,其中包括音樂。根據Bloomberg報導,這些捆綁包(Apple One)計劃最早在10月與下一個iPhone系列一起推出。基本捆綁包將包括:Apple Music和Apple TV +,遊戲服務Apple Arcade,Apple News +和額外的iCloud儲存中,增加了更昂貴的等級。
    ◎關於唱片公司是否現在已經有了這個想法,沒有提供任何更新:去年10月,英國《Financial Times》暗示,他們對蘋果的捆綁銷售計劃感到厭倦 –人們擔心音樂版權所有人,如何從這些捆綁銷售中獲得版稅。


    Apple may be preparing to launch its long-awaited bundles of entertainment services, with music included. Bloomberg reported that the bundles – working title: Apple One – are “planned to launch as early as October alongside the next iPhone line”.
    It went on to suggest that the basic bundle will include Apple Music and Apple TV+, with more expensive tiers adding in gaming service Apple Arcade, Apple News+ and extra iCloud storage.
    “The goal is to offer groups of services at lower prices than would be charged if consumers subscribed to each offering individually,” added Bloomberg. “The offerings are designed to save consumers about $2 to upwards of $5 a month, depending on the package chosen.”
    What’s not included is any update on whether music labels are now on board with the idea: last October the Financial Times suggested they were “wary” of Apple’s bundle plans – the concern being over how music rightsholders’ share of royalties from such bundles would be calculated.
    Meanwhile, Bloomberg’s new article also claimed that Apple is working on a “subscription for virtual fitness classes” codenamed Seymour, which would compete with Peloton’s non-hardware classes among others.
    The interesting thing here is that surely Seymour would use music, in which case it could be a good licensing opportunity for music rightsholders.