“AirPods 3”發布前,Apple在無線耳塞市場失去了一些吸引力

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  • “AirPods 3”發布前,Apple在無線耳塞市場失去了一些吸引力


    ◎Apple 現有的 AirPods 系列失去全球市佔,但即將推出的“AirPods 3”有望改變這種狀況。
    ◎新的市場研究顯示,與第一季相比,2021 年第二季全球客戶對 TWS(全無線立體聲)市場的興趣減弱。美國銷售額僅比上一季增長 1%。與去年同期相比,無線耳塞市場增長27%。Counterpoint Research 將其歸因於冠狀病毒大流行,以及由於缺乏新設備而導致整體銷量下降。
    ◎Counterpoint Research 高級分析師 (Liz Lee)表示:儘管 AirPods 的價格大幅下跌,但蘋果在銷量和價值方面的市佔都大幅下降,但該公司不太可能過於擔心。
    認為預計下個月推出的第三代 AirPods 可能會大受歡迎,很有可能將 Apple TWS 耳機的整體銷量推高到 8000 萬以上。
    ◎ (Liz Lee)表示,儘管本季的漲幅較低,市場對許多公司來說都是成功的。三星占據了高端市場的很大一部分,而小米在 100 美元以下的市場中表現突出,印度boAt 在國內市場復甦的下也取得巨大的進步,來到全球第八,這是有史以來最好的表現。


    Apple's existing AirPods range lost market share globally, but the forthcoming "AirPods 3" is expected to change that.
    New market research says that customer interest in the TWS (Total Wireless Stereo) market waned globally in Q2 2021, compared to Q1. Across the US, sales grew only 1% from the previous quarter.
    Year Over Year, the market for wireless earbuds did grow 27%. Counterpoint Research attributes that rise to the coronavirus pandemic, and the overall waning of sales to a lack of new devices.
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    "Apple lost considerable share in both sales volume and value despite big price drops on the AirPods," said Counterpoint Research senior analyst Liz Lee in a statement, "but the company is unlikely to be too worried."
    "I think the 3rd generation AirPods expected next month could be a massive hit," she continued. "It's been so long since we've seen a new release, and if you factor in some attractive pricing, it's very possible the AirPods 3 could push overall sales for Apple TWS hearables past 80m for the year."
    Counterpoint Research's summary of the wireless earbuds market
    Counterpoint Research's summary of the wireless earbuds market
    Lee says that despite the current quarter's low rise, the "ecosystem is strong," and the market is proving successful for a number of companies.
    "Samsung grabbed a big portion of the premium segment, while Xiaomi was a standout across sub-$100," Lee said. "Indian player boAt, also made some great gains on the back of domestic market recovery to reach eighth globally, its best showing ever."
    Apple is expected to announce its "AirPods 3" at an iPhone launch event in September.
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