〈Old Town Road〉在美國排行榜上創下史上冠軍週數最長紀錄

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  • 〈Old Town Road〉在美國排行榜上創下史上冠軍週數最長紀錄


    ◎年僅20歲的Lil Nas X正處於創造排行榜歷史的風口浪尖上,歌曲〈Old Town Road〉目前並列美國排行榜史上冠軍週數最長紀錄第一名。

    ◎1995年,Mariah Carey第五張專輯《Daydream》中收錄的,與Boyz II Men合唱的單曲〈One Sweet Day〉,在Billboard排行榜上拿下16週冠軍,刷新Whitney Houston、Boyz II Men所創下的14週冠軍紀錄。從那以後,這個記錄似乎無可匹敵,即便是2017年的Justin Bieber、Luis Fonsi和Daddy Yankee的〈Despacito〉也無法創下新紀錄。

    ◎Billboard指出,Lil Nas X的〈Old Town Road〉最近已拿下連續第16周冠軍,這意味著它距離打破保持24年的紀錄已不遠。


    Lil Nas X is on the cusp of making chart history, with 'Old Town Road' currently tied for the title of longest-running #1 song in US chart history.

    Back in 1995, an artist by the name Mariah Carey released her highly-acclaimed fifth album, Daydream, featuring the single 'One Sweet Day'.

    Featuring Boyz II Men, that track would go on to make chart history, spending 16 weeks atop the Billboard charts, and beating previous record holders Whitney Houston and – again – Boyz II Men, who had set the limit at 14 weeks in the previous years.

    Since then, this record seemed almost unbeatable, taking 21 years for an artist to even come close to beating this achievement. However, even 2017's Justin Bieber-featuring remix of 'Despacito' by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee wasn't enough to rewrite chart history.

    Now, two years later, it appears there is another contender for the crown.

    As Billboard reports, Lil Nas X's successful, enduring, and divisive 'Old Town Road' has recently celebrated its 16th week at #1, meaning it is within reach of upsetting a record that has stood for almost 24 years.

    As it stands, 'Old Town Road' was also within reach of overtaking the very same record for the Australian charts, with this week's results seeing the track spending its 12th week at #1, though a trip down to #2 thanks to Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber's 'I Don't Care' saw its uninterrupted streak ruined.

    While 'Old Town Road' was marred by a bit of controversy early in its career, the country and trap-infused song has seen a number of remixes released, including versions featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, Diplo, Young Thug, and even Mason Ramsey.

    At this stage, we'll have to wait until next week to see if Lil Nas X is about to make chart history, but even if the 24-year record isn't broken, even matching it is indicative of the future success that awaits this 20-year-old musician.


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