《David Bowie Is》巡迴展覽的參觀者達到200萬人

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  • 《David Bowie Is》巡迴展覽的參觀者達到200萬人


    ◎過去5年來一直巡迴世界各地博物館舉辦的《David Bowie Is》展覽,其參觀者已達到200萬人。第200萬位參觀者於6月20日在布魯克林博物館出現,獲得David Bowie用在《Outside》專輯封面的自畫像簽名版畫一張、限量版的《David Bowie Is》書籍一本以及Sennheiser的耳機和Spotify的付費訂閱帳戶。

    ◎《David Bowie Is》展覽目前正在布魯克林博物館展出,展期到7月15日,讓大眾可以一窺這位傳奇音樂人50年的職業生涯。它是該博物館歷來最暢銷的展覽,自3月2日開展以來,已接待了超過18萬名參觀者。

    ◎這次《David Bowie Is》展覽由倫敦維多利亞與亞伯特博物館的戲劇及表演部門的Victoria Broackes和Geoffrey Marsh策劃,已經巡迴了全世界的11個場館展出。有近百年歷史的布魯克林博物館是該展覽的最後一站。


    The traveling exhibition "David Bowie Is," which has been touring to museums around the world for the past five years, is approaching its two-millionth visitor. The feat will be marked on June 20 at the Brooklyn Museum where the person designated will receive a signed lithograph of a Bowie self-portrait (used for the "Outside" album cover), a limited edition of the "David Bowie Is" book, a pair of Sennheiser headphones, and a premium subscription to Spotify.

    "David Bowie Is" is currently on display at the Brooklun Museum through July 15 where it is the top-selling exhibition in the institution's history, welcoming more than 180,000 visitors since its March 2 opening. It offers a look at the five-decade career of the legendary musician.

    The exhibition was curated by Victoria Broackes and Geoffrey Marsh from the Department of Theatre and Performance at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. The Brooklyn presentation was organized by Matthew Yokobosky, Senior Curator, Fashion and Material Culture, Brooklyn Museum. It has already traveled to 11 venues around the world.

    "David Bowie Is" will have its final stop in Brooklyn at the nearly 100-year-old museum which is home to 19th- and early 20th-century American painting and sculpture as well as the Sackler Center for Feminist Art.