《Woodstock 50》再次向Vernon鎮提出舉辦申請遭駁回

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  • 《Woodstock 50》再次向Vernon鎮提出舉辦申請遭駁回


    ◎《Woodstock 50》音樂節陷入困境,主辦單位二度申請許可證遭到拒絕,原因與第一次類似:申請文件不完整、太晚送件。

    ◎主辦方表示,《Woodstock 50》將在Vernon Downs舉辦,已提交一份全面的新申請,長度近500頁,詳細說明安全、交通和緊急醫療計劃,認為該鎮沒有合法理由拒絕許可證申請。

    ◎負責審查的Reay Walker在一封四頁的信中否決申請,表示包括醫療保健、交通管制、人數管控和安全計劃尚未完成;此外,依法應該在活動舉辦前至少120天申請活動許可證,但主辦方在活動即將舉辦前35天才提交申請,因此否決。


    Organizers of the beleaguered Woodstock 50 festival appealed a second denial from the most recent proposed site of their event late Thursday. The initial application for a permit was rejected Tuesday because it was incomplete and received too late, and a second one was denied late Thursday for similar reasons.

    "Time does not permit me to cite all the deficiencies," said town building inspector Reay Walker, in a four-page letter denying the application, according to Syracuse.com. A rep for the town declined further comment when contacted by Variety.

    In a statement issued late Thursday, a rep for the festival wrote, "Woodstock 50 this morning appealed a decision by the Town of Vernon to turn down a permit needed to hold its 50th Anniversary Festival at Vernon Downs. We also have submitted a comprehensive new application that is nearly 500 pages in length that spells out in great detail our plans for security, traffic and medical emergencies. We believe there was no legal reason for the Town to turn down the original permit application. We hope that for the good of the local and regional economy of central New York and for the health of the Town's largest employer, Vernon Downs, officials will grant the requested permit on an expedited basis and agree to host what will be a safe, world-class and historic event."

    Walker said the plans for medical care, traffic control, crowd control and security were incomplete. The security plan, he said, had "long list of shifts, activities, numbers of staff," but failed to name which agencies would provide that staffing. He also noted that town law requires such a permit to be filed at least 120 days before the event, and noted that this one, filed 35 days before the event, "is untimely and rejected for that reason, as well as all the other deficiencies."

    Variety broke the news Tuesday that the permit had been rejected after the festival was criticized during a Vernon town meeting as a "recipe for disaster" by the local head of emergency services. Oneida Country Executive Anthony Picente Jr. told Variety that "what they have submitted to date has not met many of the requirements" to stage the festival and the chances of it taking place in Oneida Country seem "highly unlikely.

    "It's been chaotic," he said of the past few weeks' scramble to stage the festival at Vernon Downs, which has no camping facilities, after the previous proposed venue, Watkins Glen International speedway, pulled out last month. "Originally it was going to be a three-day festival, but then [the producers] said instead it would be three one-day events, with all 65,000 or however many people vacating the grounds at the end of each day." Billboard reports that the projected audience has been lowered to 35,000, although reps for the festival did not confirm that number.

    The festival, which is scheduled to feature a blockbuster lineup including Jay-Z, Dead & Co., Miley Cyrus and many others, has been plagued by organizational and financial difficulties since it was announced: The original financial backer, Dentsu Aegis, pulled out in May; Watkins Glen International speedway, followed last month.