「Burger Records」將在不當性指控調查後 終止所有營運

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    ◎在發生多起僱員和藝人的不當性行為指控後,「Burger Records」將完全停止營運。
    ◎「Burger Records」的聯合創始人(Sean Bohrman)宣布,公司已要求發行商從串流媒體服務中撤出其所有目錄,唱片公司的藝人可以自由尋求將其作品重新列出,藝人擁有他們所有的音樂。
    ◎「Burger Records」成立於2007年,主要通過cassette錄音帶發行,還經營一家零售商店,定期舉辦由新銳藝人創作的音樂會。日前一個Instagram頁面開始在標籤上累積對員工和藝人的不當性行為報導。Instagram上的許多指控都是二手的和匿名的,但是一些控告者透露了他們的名字,包括位於洛杉磯的樂團Cherry Glazerr的前任主唱Clementine Creevy ,她指控前音樂人 Sean Redman ,在她14歲和20歲時與她發生性關係,她目睹了 Sean Redman 及Buttertones樂團的某些成員,及圈子中的其他男性對女性的掠奪和虐待行為。
    Clementine Creevy在一份聲明中寫道。她認識無數有跟她相同經歷的女性,想要演奏音樂或觀看音樂的年輕女孩,必須忍受與年長男性音樂人發生性行為,令人噁心。Buttertones樂團已刪除他們的社交媒體,據媒體報導,他們已經被其唱片公司Innovative Leisure解約。



    In the wake of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against employees and artists affiliated with the label, Burger Records will cease operation entirely.
    Burger Records co-founder Sean Bohrman announced on Tuesday night that the label will not proceed with plans to change leadership and branding and will instead shut down.
    On Monday, the label announced that co-founder and president Lee Rickard had resigned and that Bohram planned to transition out of his leadership role at the label.
    At the same time, they announced a rebrand from Burger Records to BRGR, and said that veteran label marketing exec Jessa Zapor-Gray would be stepping in as an interim president for the label.
    However, by Tuesday night, Zapor-Gray had backed away from that plan.
    In a statement provided to Pitchfork, Zapor-Gray said:
    “When I was asked to take over in this capacity, I expected some blowback for my decision to accept but I believed that the opportunity to have a role in effecting real and lasting positive change within the Burger and indie music scenes was worth the risk. Upon further review, I have informed Burger Records that I no longer believe I will be able to achieve my intended goals in assuming the leadership role at Burger in the current climate. Therefore, I have decided to step away from the label entirely to focus on my other projects.”
    Bohrman told Pitchfork that the label had asked its distributor to pull all of its catalog from streaming services, but said that the label’s artists would be free to seek to have them re-listed, noting that Burger’s artists own all of their music.
    “I hate dealing with lawyers so we never signed contracts with bands,” he told the publication.
    Founded in 2007, the label, which distributed primarily via cassette, also operated a retail outlet that regularly hosted concerts by up-and-coming indie artists.
    Last weekend, an Instagram page started accumulating account of sexual misconduct against employees and artists on the label, with many accusers painting a grim picture of an environment of “toxic masculinity” around Burger’s live shows.
    Many of the allegations collected on the Instagram page were second hand and anonymous, but some accusers revealed their names, including Clementine Creevy, frontwoman of the L.A.-based band Cherry Glazerr who accused fellow musician Sean Redman, who was formerly a member of the Buttertones, of cultivating a sexual relationship with her when she was 14 and he 20.
    “As a young teenage girl, I witnessed a culture of predatory, misogynistic, and abusive behavior towards women by Sean, some of his bandmates in the Buttertones, and other men in their circle. I want to say with no conditionality whatsoever that this is not atypical of the music scene,” Creevey wrote in a statement. “Countless women I know have had experiences like mine with male musicians and it is heartbreaking and infuriating that young girls wanting to play music or see music should ever have to endure being sexualized by older male musicians in the scene–it is disgusting and it needs to end now.”
    The Buttertones have since deleted their social media and according to Brooklyn Media, they were dropped by their label Innovative Leisure. We were unable to reach Mr. Redman for comment.