「Loup Ventures」聲稱 Apple Music將在2020年賺進86億美元

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  • 「Loup Ventures」聲稱 Apple Music將在2020年賺進86億美元


    ◎投資公司「Loup Ventures」密切關注Apple的業務,包括其音樂活動。現在,它已經對Apple Music做出了一些估算。
    ◎執行合夥人(Gene Munster)指出,Apple Music有成長空間,在9.8億活躍iPhone用戶中,有8.2億訂閱用戶付費(佔8%)。估計Apple Music訂戶平均每月支付約7.00美元,相當於68億美元,佔今年總收入的2.5%。”
    ◎(Gene Munster)聲稱,Apple Music正在將潛在客戶轉換為付費客戶的速度,比Spotify快2.5倍。Spotify目前擁有全球音樂訂戶的34%,而Apple Music則為20%。這與其他估計相距不遠:例如,今年早些時候(Midia Research)指出,Spotify到3月底在全球市佔率約32%,Apple Music佔18%。


    Investment firm Loup Ventures keeps a close eye on Apple’s business, including its music activity. Now it has put out some estimates for Apple Music’s progress.
    “Apple Music has room to grow with 82m subs out of 980m active iPhone users (8%) paying for the service,” wrote managing partner Gene Munster in a blog post. “We estimate the average Apple Music subscriber is paying about $7.00 per month, which equates to about $6.8B in revenue this year, or 2.5% of total revenue.”
    Munster also claimed that Apple Music is “converting potential customers into paying customers at a rate 2.5x faster than Spotify”.
    Our first reaction is to question a comparison between two services with different approaches to their free tiers (limited trial only for Apple Music, a full free tier for Spotify) but the blog post sets out Munster’s workings.
    He also suggested that Spotify currently has 34% of global music subscribers compared to 20% for Apple Music. That’s not far off other estimates: for example, Midia Research claimed earlier this year that Spotify had a 32% share of global subscribers at the end of March, and Apple Music 18%. Counterpoint Research, meanwhile, pegs the pair at 33% and 21% respectively.