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流行音樂地圖 - 您現在可以在行動設備上編輯Soundcld文件


  • 流覽次數:: 148
  • 分類: 產業區
  • 分享次數:
  • 作者: 音樂地圖
  • 您現在可以在行動設備上編輯Soundcld文件






    SoundCloud has added mobile profile editing to its iOS app. Profiles are used by SoundCloud creators to showcase work to potential collaborators and the industry, as well as to connect with fans in real-time.

    SoundCloud offers creators more control of their online profile than most other streaming services. Now they can list tour dates, link to new tracks, refresh profile imagery and change location and bio on the go.

    To use the new features, download the latest version of the SoundCloud mobile app on iOS.