第一個區塊鏈技術驅動的音樂節Our Music Festival將於舊金山舉辦

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    ◎號稱第一個由區塊鏈技術驅動的音樂節Our Music Festival(OMF),將於10月20日在舊金山市政中心廣場展開,由Zedd領銜演出,之後還會有更多演出陣容宣布,並會有更多改變音樂節體驗的方式。OMF由舞曲製作人3LAU、區塊鏈工作室SingularDTV和總部位於俄亥俄州的音樂節推廣商Prime Social Group合作打造。

    ◎3LAU執行長Justin Blau同時也是製作人和音樂人,他表示「音樂節現在的運作方式就是購買門票,參加活動,消費體驗,在此過程中即使提供更多的價值也不會獲得其他東西,然後明年再重複一次這個過程」。OMF將使用區塊鏈技術授予一種「天空里程」來獎勵演唱會的參與者,並在活動中給予他們更大的影響力,甚至有可能是幫忙挑選演出陣容。他補充說「我們正在做的和其他加密貨幣計畫之間的區別在於我們提供真實世界可使用的兌換方式。OMF將提供門票、後台導覽、食品和飲料或週邊商品的折扣和預購資格,這種可能性是無限的。而隨著網絡的推出,OMF音樂節將擁有自己的原生貨幣。」

    ◎Prime Social Group聯合執行長兼創始人Adam Lynn表示,該音樂節設置一個舞台和大約8名藝人的演出,為期一天的活動可容納12,000名觀眾。Paradigm公司將擔任顧問並幫助將OMF擴展到歐洲和亞洲,最終目標是將OMF的技術融入PSG自己的音樂節品牌中,包括Breakaway和Prime在內的於美國舉辦的共15個活動。

    ◎該音樂節是一種推廣活動,主辦者強調,所有的技術可能都不完善,但他們的重點是建立用戶基礎並收集數據。儘管區塊鏈技術已成為引發大量空洞承諾和公關機會的科技熱門詞,但Justin Blau強調演唱會業務的影響是顯而易見且對用戶友善的,能夠提高票務和數據收集(公開)的效率,為粉絲提供加密貨幣的價值。


    In what is being called the launch of the first blockchain-powered festival network, Our Music Festival kicks off Oct. 20 at the San Francisco Civic Center Plaza topped by Zedd, with more artists to be announced and goals of changing the way festivals are experienced.

    In collaboration with dance music producer 3LAU, blockchain studio SingularDTV and Columbus-based festival promoter Prime Social Group, OMF is setting out to change the festival experience.

    "The way festivals work right now: you buy a ticket, you go to an event, you consume that experience, and you don't get anything else even though you're providing so much more value in the process," 3LAU CEO Justin Blau, who is also a producer and musician, told Pollstar. "You get to do it all again next year and usually pay a higher ticket price, that's how live music has existed."

    OMF will use blockchain technology to grant a type of "sky mile" that rewards concert attendees for participation and gives them bigger influence in an event, all the way to even potentially helping pick the artist lineup.

    "The difference between what we're doing and any other cryptocurrency project is that we provide real-world-use case for redemption. OMF will provide discounted and early access to tickets, backstage tours, food and beverage, or merch, the possibilities are pretty endless," Blau said, adding that the OMF festivals will have their own native currency as the network rolls out.

    Also involved in the OMF launch are AM Only founder and Paradigm partner Paul Morris and Paradigm agents Lee Anderson, Sam Hunt, and CAA agents Hunter Williams, Zach Iser and Phil Quist.

    Prime Social Group Co-CEO and founder Adam Lynn tells Pollstar the SF show will have one stage and about eight artists, at 12,000 capacity for the one-day event. He says the Paradigm agents are acting as advisers and helping to expand OMF to to Europe and Asia. The goal is to eventually incorporate the OMF tech into PSG's own festival brands, including the Breakaway and Prime events that total about 15 events in the United States, as well as others.

    The San Francisco event is a sort of rollout and the organizers stress that all of tech may not be fully functional yet as they build up the user base and collect data. While blockchain has become a tech buzzword that has led to a lot of empty promises and PR opportunities, Blau stresses the implications for the concert business are obvious and user-friendly, with the ability to increase efficiency in ticketing and data collection (publicly) on top of giving fans value with the crypto-currency.

    "The trick is automating the process in a simple way so fans can understand it," Blau said. "A fan shouldn't have to understand the intricacies of blockchain technology to benefit from it, they just need to know 'Oh, when I tell a friend about the festival I get rewarded for my loyalty."