(J Balvin)連續第二年成為串流媒體Deezer最受歡迎藝人

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  • (J Balvin)連續第二年成為串流媒體Deezer最受歡迎藝人


    ◎串流媒體Deezer發布年度最新排行數據,哥倫比亞雷鬼歌手(J Balvin),連續第二年稱霸第一,不僅表明Deezer在拉丁美洲國家的立足點,再次凸顯拉丁流行音樂在全球日益強大的力量。
    ◎(MaríliaMendonça)和(Anitta)也進入Deezer年終前十名,而今年到目前為止, Deezer的前20首曲目中有五首混雜英語和西班牙語。總體而言,K-Pop-尤其是(BTS)在2019年的Deezer排行榜上也繼續保持上升趨勢:(BTS)是串流媒體上最重要的K-Pop行為(在Blackpink和Twice之前),國際排行第九。
    ◎(Ed Sheeran)、(Ariana Grande)、(Billie Eilish)和(Drake)等國際巨星,也都在Deezer的年終排行榜上。今年夯曲《Old Town Road》則是最受歡迎歌曲。


    It’s year-end lists season and no mistake. Deezer is the latest music-streaming service to put out its annual figures, and for the second year running, Colombian reggaeton artist J Balvin is the most-streamed act on the service – indicating not just the foothold of Deezer in Latin American countries but also the growing global crossover power of Latin pop acts.
    Marília Mendonça and Anitta also made the top 10, while five of Deezer’s top 20 tracks so far this year have mixed English and Spanish. K-Pop in general, and BTS in particular, continued on an upward trajectory on Deezer in 2019 too: BTS was the top K-Pop act on the service (ahead of Blackpink and Twice) and also the ninth biggest international act overall.
    International stars like Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and Drake all made their presence felt on Deezer’s year-end charts, but French artists also made a strong showing on their home-grown DSP – Ninho, Jul, PNL and Nekfeu also made the top 10. Oh, and ‘Old Town Road’ continued on its steady march to ubiquity as the most-streamed track overall.
    Alongside the charts, Deezer is also joining the rush to riff on Spotify’s ‘Wrapped’ formula for end-of-year listener features. Deezer’s new ‘#MyDeezerYear’ microsite lets its users see their own 2019 listening stats, complete with a ‘Your 2019’ playlist of their favourite 50 tracks of the year. The launch follows Apple Music’s recent debut of its ‘Replay’ playlists, with Spotify’s 2019 edition of ‘Wrapped’ expected to appear in the near future, based on past timing.