(Joe Budden)說,他的播客將從Spotify撤走

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  • (Joe Budden)說,他的播客將從Spotify撤走


    ◎對於Spotify來說,隨著(Joe Rogan)播客時代的開始,另一個(Joe Budden)則似乎正在走向終點。
    ◎Spotify很快將成為(The Joe Rogan Experience)的獨家串流服務平台,但是它在2018年8月與嘻哈節目(The Joe Budden Podcast)簽訂的交易又如何呢?結局並不好。
    ◎(Joe Budden)已經告訴聽眾,9月23日起,(The Joe Budden Podcast)的新劇集,將不再在Spotify上播放。(Joe Budden)對串流媒體服務進行了深入的批評,包括抱怨缺少獎金和休息日。(Joe Budden)批評,Spotify是在掠奪,從來都不關心播客,只關心播客對平台的貢獻。Spotify尚未發表評論,但這是頂級播客離開平台,而不是加入平台的第一個突出案例。
    ◎(Joe Budden)公開宣布即將開離開Spotify,可能引起競爭對手競標。Apple Music和YouTube Music是可能的主要競爭者。


    For Spotify, as one ‘Joe’ podcasting era begins, another appears to be drawing to an ill-tempered close. The streaming service will soon be the exclusive platform for The Joe Rogan Experience, but what about the deal it signed back in August 2018 for hip-hop show The Joe Budden Podcast?
    It’s not ending well.
    “September 23rd, new episodes of this podcast will no longer be available on Spotify,” he told listeners in his latest episode. “September 23rd, I cannot tell you where this podcast will be, but as it stands I can tell you where it will not be, and that is Spotify.”
    Budden went on to criticise the streaming service in some depth, including complaints about a lack of bonuses and days off for his team, to wider concerns about Spotify’s role in the podcasting industry.
    “Spotify is pillaging. You pillage the audience from the podcast, and you’ve continued to pillage each step of the way,” being one of the spicier quotes. “Spotify never cared about this podcast individually. Spotify only cared about our contribution to the platform,” being another.
    Spotify has yet to comment, but this is one of the first prominent examples of a top podcaster walking away from its platform, rather than joining it.
    By going public with his imminent departure, Budden may be hoping to start a bidding war for his show from rival platforms. Apple Music and YouTube Music (where Tuma Basa, who played a role in securing his Spotify deal, now works) could be prime contenders.