(Julianna Barwick)在冥想應用程式“Calm”上發布了三首曲目

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  • (Julianna Barwick)在冥想應用程式“Calm”上發布了三首曲目


    ◎(Julianna Barwick)是在冥想應用程式(Calm)發行音樂的最新藝人,緊隨(Moby),(Before&Beyond)和(Kygo)的足跡。
    ◎《Ninja Tune》旗下簽約藝人(Barwick)將發行她最新專輯《 Healing Is A Miracle》的三個擴展版本的曲目,而Calm將在新版本中享有30天的獨家發行權。


    Julianna Barwick is the latest artist to release music through meditation app Calm, following in the footsteps of Moby, Above & Beyond and Kygo.
    Barwick, who’s signed to Ninja Tune, is releasing three extended versions of tracks from her latest album ‘Healing Is A Miracle’, with Calm getting a 30-day exclusive on the new versions.
    Calm is giving the tracks some promotional love within the music section of its app too: “Experience a distinctive meditation with these deep, reflective compositions brought to life by human voice and strings, enriched by reverb and complementary harmonies,” it explains.
    The announcement also offers a reminder of Calm’s scale: its app has been downloaded more than 90m times so far, and it’s adding an average of 100,000 new users every day at the moment.
    Meanwhile, three million people are paying for a Calm subscription. If bought direct, that costs (in the UK) £28.99 a year or £299.99 for a lifetime subscription, although there are also in-app options.