(Miley Cyrus)解決3億美元的《We Can't Stop》歌曲版權訴訟

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  • (Miley Cyrus)解決3億美元的《We Can't Stop》歌曲版權訴訟


    ◎路透社報導,牙買加歌曲作家(Michael May)(又名Flourgon),2018年向(Miley Cyrus)及其歌曲《We Can't Stop》提起3億美元的版權侵權訴訟,如今已達成和解協議。
    ◎(Michael May)指控(Miley Cyrus)和Sony的RCA Records複製了他1988年的歌曲《We Run Things》中的內容。路透社報導,被告(Miley Cyrus)和Sony提出了一項共同規定,以結束訴訟,這意味著原告不能再以同樣的理由在曼哈頓聯邦法院提起訴訟。和解條款尚未公佈。
    ◎Cyrus的單曲《We Cant Stop》收錄於「Bangerz」專輯,RCA於2013年發行,當時它在Billboard的Hot 100榜單上排名第二。


    A settlement agreement has been reached in the $300 million copyright infringement lawsuit Jamaican songwriter Michael May (aka Flourgon) filed against Miley Cyrus and her song "We Can't Stop" in 2018, according to Reuters.
    May, who performs under the name Flourgon, made accusations that the singer and her label, Sony's RCA Records, copied material from his 1988 song "We Run Things," including the phrase “We run things/ Things no run we." Cyrus sings “We run things/ Things don’t run we" on the chorus of "We Can't Stop."
    Reuters reports that defendants Cyrus and Sony filed a joint stipulation ending the lawsuit with prejudice, meaning the case cannot be filed by the plaintiff on the same grounds again, on Friday (Jan. 3) in Manhattan federal court.
    Terms of the settlement have not been made known.
    "We Can't Stop," the lead single off of Cyrus' Bangerz album, was released by RCA in 2013, when it hit No. 2 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.