(Taylor Swift)推出發行驚喜新專輯 附帶八張豪華版專輯

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  • (Taylor Swift)推出發行驚喜新專輯 附帶八張豪華版專輯


    ◎(Taylor Swift)在社交網站上發文,公布發行全新專輯《Folklore》,這張專輯是在Covid-19隔離下創作和錄製的。她表示,“在今年之前,可能會在完美的時間發布音樂時有所思索,但現在所處的時代不斷提醒她,沒有任何保證。如果您做自己喜歡的事情,就應該將它發佈到世界上。
    ◎專輯行銷策略包括向所有串流媒體服務和下載商店發行,以及全面的視頻策略。專輯曲目中有16首官方視頻,都是在幾個小時前發佈到YouTube上的;歌曲《Cardigan》的官方音樂錄影帶在四個小時內就獲得了超過150萬的觀看次數;並且幾乎所有(Taylor Swift)去年的視頻都被賦予了新的《Folklore》現正發行的縮圖。
    ◎然後是D2C策略。粉絲可以從(Taylor Swift)的商店購買CD,黑膠唱片和卡帶唱片形式的新專輯(每種唱片都包括數位下載),但也有八個單獨收藏的CD和黑膠唱片版本帶有不同的藝術品和小冊子,零售價分別為13美元和26美元。它們將只提供一周的銷售,直到7月30日為止,並提供閃購商品集(15美元的鑰匙扣,20美元的杯子,25美元的石版畫和30美元的帽子)。
    ◎這是一個非常流行的J-Pop / Idol動作,對於想要購買該商品的所有粉絲來說,會花不少錢(所有八張豪華CD加商品的價格為194美元)。


    “Surprise,” wrote Taylor Swift in a social post yesterday. “Tonight at midnight I’ll be releasing my entire brand new album of songs I’ve poured all of my whims, dreams, fears, and musings into.”The album – ‘Folklore’ – was written and recorded in Covid-19 isolation. “Before this year I probably would’ve overthought when to release this music at the ‘perfect’ time, but the times we’re living in keep reminding me that nothing is guaranteed. My gut is telling me that if you make something you love, you should just put it out into the world,” wrote Swift.
    Cue predictable excitement for Swifties on social media, but also keen interest from the music industry: this is probably the most high-profile ‘quarantine’ album so far from a major artist, so the release and marketing strategy around it will be watched closely.
    That strategy includes releasing ‘Folklore’ to all streaming services and download stores, of course, and a comprehensive video strategy. There are 16 official lyric videos for the album’s tracks all published to YouTube a few hours ago; an official video for the track ‘Cardigan’ that’s raced to more than 1.5m views in four hours; and pretty much all Swift’s videos from the last year have been given new ‘Folklore: available now’ thumbnails.
    And then there’s the D2C strategy. Fans can buy the new album from Swift’s store in CD, vinyl and cassette formats – each including digital downloads – but there are also eight separate collectors’ CD and vinyl editions with different artwork and lyric booklets, retailing for $13 and $26 apiece respectively. They’ll only be available for a week, until 30 July, with a flash-sale merchandise collection (a $15 keychain, $20 mug, $25 lithograph and $30 cap) available until the end of tomorrow (25 July), also including downloads.
    It’s a very J-Pop/Idol move, and it costs a fair old wedge for any fan who wants to buy the lot ($194 for all eight deluxe CDs plus the merch). That said, nobody’s being forced to spend their money – fans will be streaming the hell out of ‘Folklore’ too, while the album is already getting heavy playlist support on the big streaming services to get it in front of casual listeners as well.
    As a show of strength from Swift and her new-ish label partner UMG it’s fascinating. But today we’ll be able to digest how fans respond to the music and the D2C strategy alike, and in the coming months we’ll see whether other major artists take some of these ideas on themselves too.