(Taylor Swift)的新專輯《Folklore》在24小時內賣出130萬張

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  • (Taylor Swift)的新專輯《Folklore》在24小時內賣出130萬張


    ◎根據發行這張專輯的「Republic Records」資料,(Taylor Swift)的《Folklore》在發行短短24小時內,在全球賣出130萬張。
    ◎根據公告,該專輯還打破了女性藝人在Spotify上首日專輯串流的全球紀錄,有8060萬串流,並在Apple Music上,寫下24小時內3547萬串流。這張專輯還創下了美國和全球Amazon Music Indie/Alternative串流媒體唱片的記錄,但還無法立即獲得更多詳細信息。
    ◎第一周最後銷售數字要稍後才公佈,但是這張專輯很可能創是2020年首周發行紀錄,之前的紀錄是由(The Weeknd)的《After Hours》所保持,直到上週被(Juice WRLD )的專輯《Legends Never Die》,首周賣出517,800張超越。根據Rolling Stone的專輯排行榜,這是今年第一張首周發行量超過500,000張的專輯。(The Weeknd)的《After Hours》今年3月首周賣出460,000張。((Juice WRLD )、(The Weeknd)的銷售數字僅為美國,而唱片公司提供的(Taylor Swift)數字則為全球數字。)


    Even though its existence was announced just 15 hours before its release, Taylor Swift’s “Folklore” sold more than 1.3 million copies globally in just 24 hours, according to Republic Records, which released the album.
    According to the announcement, the album also broke the global record for first-day album streams on Spotify by a female artist with 80.6 million streams, and delivered “the most-streamed pop album on Apple Music in 24 hours” with 35.47 million streams. “Folklore” also set the U.S. and Worldwide Amazon Music Indie/Alternative Streaming Record, although further details were not immediately available.
    Final first-week numbers will not be available until a week from Monday, but the album could well be on track for the biggest debut of 2020, a mark held by The Weeknd’s “After Hours” until last week, when it was surpassed by Juice WRLD’s posthumous album “Legends Never Die,” which clocked 517,800 album-equivalent units in its first week — the first album to shift more than 500,000 units in its first week this year, according to Rolling Stone’s album charts. “After Hours” debuted with 460,000 units in March. (To put that in context, the above numbers are U.S. only, while Swift’s numbers provided by the label are global.)
    When announcing the album on social media Thursday morning, Swift described it as “entire brand new album of songs I’ve poured all of my whims, dreams, fears and musings into… Before this year, I probably would’ve overthought when to release this music at the ‘perfect time,’ but the times we’re living in keep reminding me that nothing is guaranteed. My gut is telling me that if you make something you love, you should just put it out into the world. That’s the side of uncertainty I can get on board with.”