AI音樂生成平台Amadeus Code獲得World Innovation Lab的180萬美元投資

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  • AI音樂生成平台Amadeus Code獲得World Innovation Lab的180萬美元投資


    ◎AI音樂生成平台Amadeus Code已在A輪融資獲得180萬美元,該輪由風險投資公司World Innovation Lab領投。WiL的Masataka Matsumoto將加入該公司的董事會。

    ◎Amadeus Code是一個以人工智能為基礎的歌曲創作助手,將旋律分解為組成的部分(樂手慣稱的「licks」)並將其轉換為數據。該應用程式可以根據用戶偏好和曲目音樂庫生成簡單的旋律、創建和弦變化、bassline和節拍。



    AI music generation platform Amadeus Code has landed $1.8 million in Series A funding.The round was led by VC firm World Innovation Lab. WiL's Masataka Matsumoto will join coompany's board.

    Amadeus Code is an artificial intelligence-powered songwriting assistant that breaks melodies down into their constituent parts ("licks") and transforms them into data. The app can generate simple melodies, create chord changes, basslines, and beats based on user preferences and a library of tracks.

    Researchers at the Japan based company say they can now generate the kind of endless stream of melody Mozart said ran through his head. "Composers, producers, and songwriters now have the distilled praxis of thousands of artists and composers dating back to the 17th century at their fingertips," according to the startup.

    "We're thrilled to find others in the tech world as excited by the prospects of AI in music and creativity as we are," notes co-founder and COO of Amadeus Code Taishi Fukuyama. "We welcome the support and insight of WiL."

    "Recently, AI technology has been adopted in various fields, and like the Amadeus Code, the music industry is no exception," says Masataka Matsumoto, general partner and co-founder of WiL. "In the music industry, which has long been called for a change in the business model, the company believes that its activities will be a new path."

    Drawing on investments that range from Twitter to DocuSign to Sling Media, WiL and Matsumoto will offer additional guidance as the Amadeus Code team continues to expand its products and offerings.