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  • Algoriddim推出從曲目中提取歌詞的工具


    ◎具有即時分離歌時功能的DJ應用程式,可以供DJ與音軌的各個元素(例如人聲或低音)混音。Algoriddim的djay應用程式將此功能稱為“Neural Mix”。 現在,它已被分解成Mac電腦專用的軟體,稱為「Neural Mix Pro」。
    ◎根據網站解釋說明,「Neural Mix Pro」可以讓您創建節拍精確的循環,更改速度,同時移除人聲、樂器、合聲。先進的離線導出功能,可以讓您提取原始歌曲的acappellas和樂器,以利在您喜歡的DJ或音樂製作軟體中使用。
    ◎該軟體可以從Apple的「Mac App Store」免費下載,但解鎖專業版功能則需要49.99美元。


    In June, we wrote about a pair of DJ apps getting ‘real-time stem separation’ features, so that DJs could mix with the individual elements of tracks (like vocals or basslines).
    One of those apps was djay from Algoriddim, where the feature was called ‘Neural Mix’. Now it’s being spun off into its own software for Mac computers, called Neural Mix Pro.
    “You can create beat-precise loops, change tempo, and transpose the key of a song, all while removing vocals, percussive, or harmonic parts in real-time,” explains its website.
    “The advanced offline export allows you to extract acappellas and instrumentals of any song in pristine sound quality for use in your favorite DJ or music production software.”
    The software is a free download from Apple’s Mac App Store, but unlocking its ‘Pro’ features costs $49.99.