Alpha Data表示1%的藝人 佔了90%的串流

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  • Alpha Data表示1%的藝人 佔了90%的串流


    ◎美國分析公司Alpha Data公布新數據,過去一年半有超過160萬藝人在串流媒體服務中發行音樂,按串流媒體總數對其進行排名,您會發現,其中前16,000位藝人吸引了90%的音樂串流。更重要的是,根據「Rolling Stone」報導,排名前10%的藝人(大約16萬)佔了這些串流的99.4%,這意味著超過140萬的藝人幾乎看到不到100個串流。
    ◎這是有用的數據,它與Spotify最近宣布的43,000位藝人,佔其串流平台的90%一致。2018年3月,執行長(Daniel Ek)告訴投資者,Spotify平台上擁有300萬藝人。如果保持在300萬,意味著1.4%人的音樂,佔了Spotify串流的90%。假設歌手數量有所增加,它將接近Alpha Data的1%統計數據。


    The question of how long the ‘long tail’ of streaming is – and also how miserable it might be – has long been a subject for debate in the music industry. US analytics firm Alpha Data has some new figures to contribute, but they may not make reassuring reading for musicians lower down that tail.
    Rolling Stone, which uses Alpha Data for its charts, has the story. “If you were to take the more than 1.6 million artists who released music to streaming services in the past year and a half and ranked them by their total streams, you’d find that the top 16,000 of those artists pulled in 90 percent of the streams,” it reported.
    What’s more, the top 10% of artists – that’s 160,000 or so – accounted for 99.4% of those streams. Which means that more than 1.4 million artists are scrapping for 0.6% of streams. “Almost half of the artists analysed saw fewer than 100 streams,” added Rolling Stone.
    This is useful data, and it chimes with Spotify’s recent announcement that 43,000 artists account for 90% of its streams. In March 2018 CEO Daniel Ek told investors that Spotify had three million artists on its platform. We don’t have an updated artists figure, but if it had stayed at three million, that would mean just over 1.4% accounted for 90% of Spotify streams. Assuming the number of artists has grown, it’ll be closer to Alpha Data’s 1% stat
    But of course, share of streams only tells part of the story: share of money – and how much of that money is left by the time it actually gets to the musicians – is the key to understanding how many artists are making a sustainable living from streams of their music.