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  • Amazon把語音助理Alexa帶進汽車,讓你沒理由再繼續使用車載廣播系統


    ◎Amazon把語音控制助理Alexa帶進汽車裡,宣布9月時Echo Auto終於將要向預先訂購的超過100萬名駕駛人出貨。為了進一步推動銷售,Echo Auto正在以24.99美元的價格促銷,節省50%;可增加免費的Spotify和TuneIn帳戶,廣播電台和SiriusXM本來所擁有的任何優勢幾乎都會消失。

    ◎Echo Auto使用手機連接到Alexa並透過汽車音響播放,它包括了Echo Auto Dash Mount裝置。藉著擁有8個麥克風和遠場技術,Echo Auto可以排除音樂、空調和道路噪音來聽取駕駛的聲音,以啟動播放音樂和播客、查看新聞、透過Waze獲取路線導航,查找最近的加油站等指令。


    Amazon is bringing Alexa voice control to the car. Announced in September, the Echo Auto is finally shipping to the more than one million drivers that pre-ordered it. To boost sales farther, the Echo Auto is on sale for $24.99, a 50% savings. Add free Spotify and TuneIn accounts and any advantage held by broadcast radio and SiriusXM virtually disappears.

    ''"We had over a million [pre-order] requests,". Amazon Alexa VP Steve Rabuchin said at CES. "Now, we're just starting to ship."

    The Echo Auto connects to Alexa using your phone and plays through your car speakers. It includes Echo Auto Dash Mount.

    With eight microphones and far-field technology, Echo Auto can hear you over music, A/C, and road noise to activate commands to play music and podcasts, check the news, get directions via Waze, find the nearest gas station and more.