Amazon擴大了Alexa, Fire TV,與Echo Auto的車載覆蓋範圍

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  • Amazon擴大了Alexa, Fire TV,與Echo Auto的車載覆蓋範圍


    ◎超跑Lamborghini與電動汽車品牌Rivian都將在Amazon汽車應用中支援Alexa。BMW 與Fiat Chrystler Automobiles將是第一個在儀表板上展示新版《Fire TV Edition》的品牌。Alexa還有一些特定車上使用的功能,例如能在(Exxon and Mobil)加油站支付油錢。
    ◎Amazon表示, 1月15日將把自己的車載技術「Echo Auto」帶到印度。它還將在今年稍晚在其他國家推出「Echo Auto」。


    Amazon is beginning the new year with new plans to get its audio technology into more cars.
    Lamborghini and Rivian, an electric vehicle brand, will both integrate Alexa support into their cars. BMW and Fiat Chrystler Automobiles will be the first brands to showcase the new Fire TV Edition for Auto in their infotainment dashboards. Alexa is also getting some car-specific skills, such as the ability to pay for gas at Exxon and Mobil stations.
    Amazon said it will bring its own in-car technology, the Echo Auto, to India in January 15. It will also launch the Echo Auto in other countries later this year.