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  • Amazon的Alexa增加新的音樂功能和TIDAL串流



    ◎在新的音樂服務方面加入了TIDAL,從今年晚些時候開始,TIDAL這個音樂串流平台將在所有Echo裝置上提供。Amazon也推出新的左右立體聲配對功能,用戶可以連結兩個一樣的可互相支援的Echo音箱來獲得立體聲的聲音。Amazon Music開始提供新發行通知,用戶很快就可以要求Alexa關注他們最喜歡的藝人,並在這些藝人發布新專輯或單曲時,在他們的Echo裝置或Amazon Music的行動應用程式中接收通知。在提出收聽新專輯或單曲的要求之後,用戶還將可以聽到一些藝人親自錄製的透過Echo傳遞的訊息。


    ◎與Fire TV Recast、Hulu和NBC整合,將可在Echo Show裝置上觀看直播電視和隨選串流影片。只需說「Alexa,觀看《早安美國》就可以利用早晨的咖啡時間邊觀看新聞,或者「Alexa,在Hulu上轉到ESPN」就可以知道喜愛的球隊的消息。


    Amazon unveiled a slew of new and improved Alexa voice controlled devices on Monday, and with them came new music related services, features and skills. Here's a roundup of new Alexa music services and skills:

    New Music Service – TIDAL

    Later this year, global music streaming platform TIDAL will be available on all Echo devices.

    Self-service Music API

    Tidal leverages the new Music Skill API also announced today. Learn more about the developer benefits of the new, self-service Music Skill API:

    Left-Right Stereo Pairing

    With the new left-right stereo pairing feature, you can connect two of the same, supported Echo devices for stereo sound.

    Amazon Music New Release Notifications

    With Amazon Music's New Release Notifications, customers will soon be able to ask Alexa to follow their favorite artist, and receive notifications on their Echo device or within the Amazon Music mobile app when an artist releases a new album or track. After asking to hear the new album or track, customers will also hear some of artists' voices delivering the message themselves on their Echo.

    Overlapping Groups

    With overlapping groups, you can add one Echo device to several multi-room music groups. For example, the Echo in your kitchen can be included in both the "Kitchen" group for daily listening, and the "Downstairs" group when you're having friends over on the weekend.

    Preferred Speaker Setup

    Set your preferred speaker for music playback in your Alexa app—be it an Echo device, a third-party AVS speaker, or a multi-room music group. When you want to play music in that space, simply say "Alexa, play rock music" and it will stream from your preferred speaker.

    New Video Services for Echo Show

    Integrations with Fire TV Recast, Hulu, and NBC will make live TV viewing and on-demand streaming available on any Echo Show. Simply say "Alexa, watch Good Morning America" to watch the news with your morning coffee, or "Alexa, tune to ESPN on Hulu" to catch up with your favorite sports team.