Amazon Halo 科技巨頭進入數位健身遊戲

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  • Amazon Halo 科技巨頭進入數位健身遊戲


    ◎Apple已悄然成為數位健康和健身公司一段時間,幸福感已成為其Apple Watch智慧手錶的主要賣點。現在,Amazon希望參與健身可穿戴式遊戲。
    ◎還有一個平台元素,並且在音樂角度內:包括Headspace,Aaptiv,Relax Melodies在內的合作夥伴,將創造由科學支持的挑戰,實驗和鍛煉方法,使客戶能夠發現最適合自己的方法,從而使他們更健康習慣。在開始的六個月後,該服務每月價格為3.99美元。


    Apple has quietly been becoming a digital health and fitness company for a while now, with wellbeing becoming a key selling point for its Apple Watch smartwatch. Now Amazon wants in on the fitness-wearables game.
    It has unveiled a device called Halo, which is a fitness band (sadly not one that hovers above your head) with a companion app and subscription service. They’re launching in the US initially, with early adopters able to pay $64.99 for a band with a six-month subscription to the Halo service thrown in.
    “Unlike smartwatches and fitness trackers, it doesn’t have a screen or constant notifications,” is the rivals-side-eyeing pitch. Instead, the wrist-worn band measures activity with a points-based system, as well as sleep and body fat percentage.
    Oh, and two mics help the device “analyse energy and positivity in a customer’s voice so they can better understand how they may sound to others, helping improve their communication and relationships”.
    There’s also a platform element, and within that a music angle: partners including Headspace, Aaptiv, Relax Melodies will create “science-backed challenges, experiments, and workouts that allow customers to discover what works best for them specifically, so they can build healthier habits”.
    After that first six months, the service will cost $3.99 a month.