Amazon Music增加新的「製作人」系列提供獨家曲目

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  • Amazon Music增加新的「製作人」系列提供獨家曲目

    ◎Amazon Music以新的「製作人」系列加入了串流媒體的獨家競爭遊戲中。來自孟菲斯的製作人Matt Ross-Span幫助Amazon Music推出新的「製作人」系列,其中包括Al Green、Margo Price、John Prine和靈魂歌手William Bell的新獨家曲目,都在Amazon Music上以「由Matt Ross-Span製作」的名義發行,這是傳奇歌手Al Green超過10年來首次有新錄製的作品發行。

    ◎這些曲目每一首都是與一家獨立唱片公司一起合作發布在Amazon上做獨家的串流和銷售,Fat Possum(Al Green)、Third Man(Margo Price)、Oh Boy(John Prine)和Stax(William Bell)是首批合作的獨立廠牌。


    Amazon Music jumps into the streaming exclusives game with a new "Produced By" series. The legendary Al Green's first new recording in more than a decade was released yesterday as part of the series produced Matt Ross-Span.

    Memphis based producer Matt Ross-Span has helped launch Amazon Music's new "Produced By" series with new exclusive tracks from, Al Green, Margo Price, John Prine and soul singer William Bell.

    Each track is released in conjunction with an independent label for streaming and sale exclusively on Amazon. Fat Possum (Al Green), Third Man (Margo Price), Oh Boy (John Prine) and Stax (William Bell) are the first indie three label partners.

    "As first and foremost a music fan and now as a producer, I've always been drawn to artists with unique voices whose gift transcends genre and time," said producer Matt Ross-Span, "I'm excited and honored to play a role in this innovative opportunity Amazon Music is providing these extraordinary individuals. "As my hero Sam Phillips said: 'If you're not doing something different you're not doing anything!'"

    More Amazon Music "Future By" releases a planned in other genres.