Amazon Music添加來自(DJ Khaled), (Becky G),( Will Smith)及更多人的獨家播客

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  • Amazon Music添加來自(DJ Khaled), (Becky G),( Will Smith)及更多人的獨家播客


    ◎ Amazon Music在美國,英國,德國和日本增加了播客,包括精選的獨家專輯,用戶無需支付額外費用。該平台將包括一般的多平台播客,以及(DJ Khaled),(Becky G),(Will Smith),(Dan Patrick)等的獨家節目。
    ◎Amazon Music也將成為Disgraceland播客獨家平台,探討從(Rolling Stones)到(Tupac)等世界上最受歡迎的音樂人。它將於2021年2月,只通過Amazon Music上市。
    ◎Amazon Music副總裁(Steve Boom)表示,通過此次發布,將為客戶帶來更多娛樂形式,同時使創作者能夠像在音樂串流媒體一樣,在全球吸引新的聽眾。播客加上最近與Twitch的合作關係,將即時串流媒體帶入應用程式,使Amazon Music成為創作者的首選。


    Amazon Music today added podcasts including select exclusives in the US, U.K, Germany, and Japan at no additional costs to users.
    The platform will include the usual multiplatform podcasts as well as exclusive shows by DJ Khaled, Becky G, Will Smith, Dan Patrick, and more.
    Amazon Music will also soon be the exclusive home of Disgraceland, a show exploring the criminal antics and connections of some of the world’s favorite musicians, from the Rolling Stones to Tupac. It will arrive exclusively on Amazon Music in February 2021.
    “Our customers’ listening habits are constantly evolving, and we know they’re looking to us to provide them with a rich experience rooted in music and entertainment,” said Steve Boom, VP of Amazon Music. “With this launch, we’re bringing customers even more forms of entertainment to enjoy, while enabling creators to reach new audiences globally, just as we’ve done with music streaming. Podcasts, paired with our recent partnership with Twitch to bring live streaming into the app, makes Amazon Music a premiere destination for creators.”
    “The First One,” a new audio experience hosted by one of the most prolific hit makers of the 21st century, DJ Khaled. Developed by Amazon Music and the Springhill Company, in “The First One” the mogul and superstar will interview his all-time favorite artists about the hits that made them iconic and eventually legendary.
    “I’m recording my podcast with the greatest musicians of all time, and with some of my best friends who also happen to be the most iconic artists on the planet,” said DJ Khaled. “We’ll talk about fame, fortune, life, and success. These stories are here to motivate you because everybody starts from somewhere, from the ordinary to extraordinary.”
    Amazon Music customers can access podcasts in the Amazon Music app for iOS and Android, on Amazon Echo devices, and at