Amazon Music的訂閱在過去6個月翻倍成長

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  • Amazon Music的訂閱在過去6個月翻倍成長


    ◎根據Amazon的音樂副總裁Steve Boom的說法,Amazon Music在過去的6個月中有「數千萬」的付費用戶和Amazon Music Unlimited的訂閱增長了一倍以上。Amazon Music包含在所有Amazon Prime的訂閱中,但Music Unlimited是一項附加服務。如同Amazon向來的政策,Steve Boom也沒有分享確切的數字,但其音樂服務被認為在美國的用戶數僅次於Spotify和Apple。

    ◎驅動如此大的增長的原因是智能音箱的興盛。Steve Boom告訴Billboard「關於串流媒體和智能音箱的文章已有很多,但大家仍然在談論它,就像它會是未來的狀態。我們對智能音箱很了解,這是現在實際上正在發生的狀況,如果這種狀況沒有發生,我們就不會發展到這種規模。」Amazon是語音助理Alexa的創造者,它與Echo智能音箱以及其他由Alexa驅動的智能音箱的緊密結合賦予了Amazon Music競爭優勢,與10年前蘋果的iTunes和iPod結合的狀況一樣。但是這一次,競爭對手們正在積極尋求與Google、Apple和Spotify整合,以便擴大和改進他們的智能音箱音樂整合。


    Amazon Music has "tens of millions" of paying users and Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions having more than doubled in the last six months, according to Steve Boom, VP Of Music. Amazon Music is included in all Amazon Prime subscriptions, but Music Unlimited is an add-on service.

    As is generally Amazon policy, the executive did not share exact numbers, but its music services are believed to trail only Spotify and Apple in U.S. users.

    Driving much of the growth is the boom in smarter speakers. "There's been a lot written about streaming and about smart speakers, but [articles] still talk about it as if this is some future state," Boom told Billboard. "We know better than that -- it's actually happening right now. We wouldn't have grown to this scale if it hadn't been happening already."

    With Amazon the creator of Alexa, its close integration with Echo and other Alexa-powered smart speakers gives Amazon Music a competitive advantage not unlike Apple's iTunes and iPods did a decade ago. But this time the competitors are actively pursuing integrations with Google, Apple and Spotify rushing to expand and improve their own smartspeaker music integrations.