Amazon Music, Audible 可聽添加免費播客

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  • Amazon Music, Audible 可聽添加免費播客


    ◎Amazon Music及其Audible服務將添加免費的播客,但服務條款中的關鍵條款在整個播客社區中都發出了警鐘。
    ◎根據發給一些節目製作人的一封機密電子郵件,Amazon將在其Amazon Music和Audible產品中納入免費播客。該電子郵件稱,Amazon很快將允許Amazon Music和Audible的用戶使用每種服務訂閱,下載和串流式免費播客。播客將向Amazon Music免費套餐,及其高級服務的客戶開放。


    Amazon Music and its Audible service will add free podcasts, but a key clause in the terms of service sent off alarm bells throughout the podcasting community.
    Amazon was requiring podcasters to agree not to include comments that disparage Amazon or its products.
    Just hours later, Amazon quietly dropped the anti-disparagement clause.
    Here is what we know about Amazon’s podcast initiative, so far, via The Desk:
    Amazon will incorporate free podcasts into its Amazon Music and Audible products, according to a confidential email distributed to some show producers on Monday.
    The email, a copy of which was obtained by The Desk, said Amazon would soon allow users of Amazon Music and Audible to subscribe, download and stream free podcasts using each service. Podcasts will be available to customers of Amazon Music’s free tier as well as its premium service.