Amazon Music Unlimited在加拿大推出

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  • Amazon Music Unlimited在加拿大推出


    ◎Amazon Music Unlimited在加拿大推出,與在美國一樣,用戶可以通過iOS和Android系統裝置上的Amazon Music應用程式,以語音操控語音助理Alexa來播放音樂。Amazon Music目前已在40個國家上市。

    ◎符合條件的消費者可享受90天的免費試用,有多種方案可以選擇,例如每個月7.99加幣或整年79加幣的獨家Prime會員方案、每月9.99加幣的非Prime會員個人方案、每個月14.99加幣或整年149加幣最多可以6個家庭成員共享的家庭訂閱方案,以及每月3.99加幣可在一台Echo智能音箱上無限制使用Amazon Music Unlimited的單一裝置方案。

    ◎除了一系列本地策劃的播放清單和擁有國際排行榜頂級藝人的電台之外,Amazon Music Unlimited還提供從「Brand New Music」到「All Hits」等眾多的播放清單和電台,其中包括各種音樂類型的加拿大藝人,包括Cœur de pirate、Celine Dion、The Weeknd、Blue Rodeo和Jessie Reyez。訂閱者還可以探索一系列全球都可以聽到的播放清單,包括聚焦最新發布的流行音樂的「Pop Culture」。


    Amazon Music Unlimited launched today in Canada, joining Amazon Music which launched there last year. As in the US, users can access music through voice with Alexa on the Amazon Music app for iOS and Android. Amazon Music is now in 40 countries.

    "We've seen such a positive customer response from the launch of Prime Music for Canada last year, and with today's launch we're excited to bring more customers even more choice and ways of discovering music with Alexa," stated Sean McMullan, Head of International Expansion for Amazon Music. "We're thrilled for our Canadian customers to start streaming with Unlimited today, and begin enjoying expanded voice controls to play music for every moment."

    Eligible customers get a free 90-day trial and can choose between the exclusive Prime member price of CDN$7.99/month or CDN$79/year, the Individual Plan for non-Prime members at CDN$9.99/month; the Family Plan, which allows up to six members of a household to share a subscription for just CDN$14.99/month for Prime and non-Prime members, or CDN$149/year for Prime members; the Single Device Plan, offering full access to Amazon Music Unlimited at CDN$3.99/month on one Echo device.

    Users can ask Alexa:

    Interested in a playlist for a specific activity? Try, "Alexa, play music for working out" or "Alexa, play music for cleaning"

    Prefer a certain song or genre to wake you up in the morning? Try, "Alexa, set an alarm at 6 a.m. to the new song by Alessia Cara" or "Alexa, wake me up with relaxing music at 7 a.m."

    Hear a song you love and want to save it? Just ask, "Alexa, add this song to my running playlist" or "Alexa, create a new playlist with this song"

    Want to listen to music you haven't heard in a while? Ask, "Alexa, play the Metric playlist I was listening to three weeks ago" or "Alexa, play music I was listening to earlier today"

    In addition to a range of locally curated playlists and stations featuring international chart-topping artists, from "Brand New Music" to "All Hits," Amazon Music Unlimited offers numerous playlists and stations featuring Canadian artists from all genres including Cœur de pirate, Celine Dion, The Weeknd, Blue Rodeo and Jessie Reyez. Subscribers can also find the best in top genres, from Tory Lanez on "Fresh Hip-Hop" to The Reklaws on "Fresh Country," as well as explore a range of globally available playlists, including "Pop Culture," which spotlights the latest pop music releases.