Anghami 在公開上市前擁有 140 萬訂閱者

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  • Anghami 在公開上市前擁有 140 萬訂閱者


    ◎位於中東和北非 (MENA) 地區的音樂串流媒體服務 Anghami 正準備透過在美國的 spac 合併上市。
    ◎Anghami 現在擁有超過 7000 萬註冊用戶,其中 140 萬用戶付費訂閱。按照大型全球 DSP 的標準,這聽起來可能很小,但在 MENA 串流媒體訂閱仍處於起步階段。
    ◎Anghami 於 3 月發布的投資者報告顯示,它擁有 1500 萬活躍用戶,並佔據 MENA 音樂訂閱者的 58% 市佔。雖然阿拉伯音樂佔 Anghami 目錄的 1%,但它佔其總流量的一半左右。Universal Music Group數位戰略執行副總裁(Michael Nash)表示,Midia Research 預測,中東和北非、亞太地區和拉丁美洲的服務2020 年至 2028 年期間,非洲將佔全球用戶增長的 73%。


    Anghami, the music streaming service based in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, is preparing to go public via a spac merger in the US. Ahead of that, it has been profiled by the Rest of World website, including the latest figures on its growth.
    Anghami now has more than 70 million registered users, and 1.4 million of them are paying for a subscription. Which may sound small by the standards of the big global DSPs, but in MENA streaming subscriptions are still nascent.
    “We believe our biggest contribution to the industry so far has been educating consumers here about paying for content and the idea of subscription,” said co-founder Elie Habib in the interview. “When we started, some even thought it was a scam to charge every month.”
    Anghami’s investor presentation, published in March, revealed that it had 15 million active users, and claimed a 58% share of MENA music subscribers. That presentation also noted that while Arabic music was 1% of Anghami’s catalogue, it accounted for around half of its total streams.
    Another quote from the Rest of World article, from Universal Music Group’s EVP of digital strategy Michael Nash, is also worth thinking about. “We’re at a point right now where the top regional services are responsible for 25% of the global paid subscriber base,” he said, in a remark accompanied by a prediction from Midia Research that services in MENA, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Africa will account for 73% of global subscriber growth between 2020 and 2028.