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  • Apple和Deezer透露了他們最新的書籍和有聲讀物的擴展


    ◎音樂和播客在各種串流媒體服務上的交織越來越緊密,但書籍(尤其是有聲讀物)也可能會加入。Spotify在這方面展現雄心壯志,但是Apple已經擁有一個帶有有聲讀物選項的電子書商店。現在,它宣布與知名脫口秀主持人歐普拉(Oprah Winfrey)及其著名的讀書俱樂部建立最新的合作夥伴關係。
    ◎歐普拉(Oprah Winfrey)最新的作品《Isabel Wilkerson》現已在Apple Books上以電子書和有聲讀物的形式出現,並計劃下個月在Apple News應用程式上整理相關文章;在她的(Apple T +)節目中採訪(Wilkerson);以及(Apple Books)上的「Caste」討論指南。


    Music and podcasts are increasingly intertwined on various streaming services, but books – and specifically audiobooks – may also be joining the party.
    We recently reported on Spotify’s ambitions on that front, but Apple already has an ebooks store with audiobooks options. Now it’s announced its latest related partnership, with Oprah Winfrey and her famous ‘Book Club’.
    Her latest selection, ‘Caste’ by Isabel Wilkerson, is now available on Apple Books in ebook and audiobook form, with plans for Winfrey to curate related articles on the Apple News app next month; to interview Wilkerson in her Apple T+ show; and for a ‘Caste’ discussion guide on Apple Books.
    Meanwhile, Deezer is also expanding its audiobooks activities. It’s had them available in Germany for a while, but now it’s making audiobooks available in the Netherlands too – complete with a dedicated audiobooks channel.
    It’ll curate audiobooks on Deezer in 12 categories, with editorial picks and (for subscribers) the ability to download audiobooks to listen offline.