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  • Apple將獲得歐盟無條件的批准併購音樂識別應用程式Shazam



    ◎該併購協議是於去年12月宣布的,可望成為推動Apple Music的發展以與Spotify競爭的一大利器。如果真如預期的那樣,Apple Music成為Shazam應用程式中唯一的音樂來源以及音樂保存的唯一所在,這的確可能會成為Spotify和其他串流媒體的一大問題。


    Apple is set to win unconditional European Union antitrust commision approval for its acquisition of popular music identification and discovery app Shazam, according to multiple sources.

    Announced in December, the deal will be a boost to Apple Music as it competes with Spotify.

    It could also prove a problem for Spotify and other streamers if, as expected, Apple Music becomes the sole source of music and destination for music saving in the app.