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  • Apple收購了播客策劃新創公司Scout·fm


    ◎早在2018年6月,(Music Ally)撰寫過一家名為(Scout·fm)的新創公司內容,該公司正在推出“語音優先播客策劃服務”,它具有Alexa的技能,可以問人們一些問題以了解他們的興趣,然後提供廣播式的播客。
    ◎Apple並未透露其對(Scout·fm)的計劃,但顯然其技術和團隊可能對Apple Podcasts服務的下一步發展很有用。Apple現在正面臨來自Spotify的競爭,Amazon Music, Deezer和其他音樂服務也在推動語音內容的發展。


    Back in June 2018, Music Ally wrote about a startup called Scout·fm, which was launching a ‘voice-first podcast curation service’.
    It had an Alexa skill that would ask people questions to understand their interests, then provide a radio-style stream of podcast episodes.
    The next we heard of it was early this year, when Scout·fm joined a startup camp for voice-focused firms run by Betaworks.
    Now there’s some big news though: Scout·fm has been acquired by Apple. In fact, the deal happened earlier this year, according to Bloomberg, although Apple subsequently shut down the startup’s service.
    Apple isn’t saying what its plans are for Scout·fm, but clearly its technology and team could be useful for the next evolutions of the Apple Podcasts service. Long the dominant distribution platform for podcasts,
    Apple is now facing competition from Spotify, with Amazon Music, Deezer and other music services also pushing into spoken-word content.