Apple新版操作系統iOS 12釋出也帶來Apple Music的重大改進

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  • Apple新版操作系統iOS 12釋出也帶來Apple Music的重大改進

    ◎Apple的更新版操作系統iOS 12於週一釋出,隨之而來的是Apple Music的重大變化和改進。用戶會注意到應用程式中搜尋部分有了重大改進,現在專輯與單曲會分開列出之外,搜尋現在支援歌詞搜尋,讓用戶可以更容易找到在其他地方聽過的曲目。

    ◎iOS 12系統中Apple Music主要的更新包括:修復Apple Music如何顯示專輯和單曲的方式;搜尋現在支援歌詞搜尋,用戶可以使用一些單詞來查找歌曲;藝人頁面有更容易瀏覽的設計,任何一位藝人的音樂都可以有客製化的電台;新的Friends Mix播放清單,其中是來自你的朋友正在聽的歌曲中你會喜歡的歌曲列表;增加116個新榜單顯示世界各國的每日前100名的歌曲;改進了Siri的語音控制功能。


    iOS 12, Apple's updated operating system, went live today, Monday, and with it comes significant changes and improvements to Apple Music.

    Apple Music is getting a makeover with today's launch of Apple iOS 12.

    Users will notice major improvements in search within the app and albums are now listed separately from tracks. Search now supports lyrics, making it much easier to find a track you've heard elsewhere.

    Major Apple Music iOS 12 Updates Include:

    A fix to how Apple Music displays albums and singles

    Search now supports lyrics so users can use a few of the words to find a song

    Artist pages have an easier to browse design with a personalized station of any artist's music

    A new Friends Mix is a playlist of songs you'll love from everything your friends are listening to

    116 new charts show the daily Top 100 Songs in countries around the world

    improved Siri voice control