Apple音樂以「預先加入」成為新的預購方式,Taylor Swift新專輯《Lover》創下女藝人首日預購新紀錄

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  • Apple音樂以「預先加入」成為新的預購方式,Taylor Swift新專輯《Lover》創下女藝人首日預購新紀錄


    ◎Taylor Swift即將發行的第七張專輯《Lover》打破Apple Music上的女藝人最多「預先添加專輯」的紀錄。該專輯開放添加的第一天(6月13日)在全球創下178,600個預先添加,打破先前Ariana Grande《Thank U, Next》所創下的記錄。自6月13日以來,《Lover》在全球已有222,400個預先添加並持續增加中。Apple Music證實,Taylor Swift的《Lover》專輯也創下全球首日最暢銷的流行專輯紀錄。該專輯將於8月23日全球發行。

    ◎Apple Music上的「預先添加」相當於預購。每個「預先添加」代表平台上的個人訂閱者,在專輯發布之前透過自願註冊來表示他們對完整專輯的興趣。

    ◎早在今年3月,Billie Eilish在她的首張專輯《When We All Fall In Asleep Where Do We Go?》發布的前一周就已累積80萬張預訂,打破了該服務的歷史記錄。


    Taylor Swift's forthcoming seventh album Lover has broken the record for the most pre-added album by a female artist ever on Apple Music.

    The album achieved 178,600 pre-adds worldwide in the first day of availability (June 13), breaking the previous record set by Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande.

    Since opening pre-adds on Thursday, June 13, Lover has seen 222,400 pre-adds worldwide and that number continues to grow exponentially.

    Swift's album has also set the record for the most pre-added pop album in its first day worldwide, the music streaming service has confirmed.

    Lover is released in all territories globally on August 23.

    A pre-add on Apple Music is the streaming era equivalent of a pre-order.

    Each pre-add represents an individual subscriber on the platform voluntarily registering their interest in a full album ahead of release, by scheduling the album's arrival on their personal account.

    Back in March, Billie Eilish had racked up 800,000 pre-ads one week ahead of the release of her debut album When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?, breaking the all-time record on the service.

    Speaking exclusively to MBW at the time, Oliver Schusser, Head of Apple Music worldwide, said: "While most services focus the majority of their efforts around playlists, Apple Music still emphasizes albums because we understand their value as a storytelling tool for artists to create context around their music.

    "To that end, pre-adds are great early indicators of engagement around an artist and the intention of the fans. To actively pre-add an album, much like the pre-order we invented with iTunes, means that the fan is excited about the content and wants to be among the first to enjoy it the moment its available. That kind of engagement is very valuable to an artist and to us."Music Business Worldwide


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