Apple Music和獨立舞曲廠牌Ministry of Sound達成獨家播放清單協議

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  • Apple Music和獨立舞曲廠牌Ministry of Sound達成獨家播放清單協議


    ◎據多位消息人士透露,Apple Music和獨立舞曲廠牌Ministry of Sound已經達成了獨家播放清單協議。該協議實際上意味著所有Ministry of Sounds的許多受歡迎的播放清單將只能在Apple Music上播放。與Apple Music間的獨家協議於10月4日週四已開始生效。

    ◎這只是音樂串流媒體轉向獨家協議好讓自己與競爭對手之間的差異拉大的一個最新的例證。音樂產業將密切關注此協議會造成的影響,包括Spotify是否會透過在該平台上重新強調Ministry of Sound的音樂作為報復,或者新簽約的音樂人會有多擔心被Spotify拒之門外。

    ◎Ministry of Sound受歡迎的播放清單包括Dance Nation、R&B Mixtape和Ibiza Anthems,每一個都有數十萬名粉絲,這些播放清單近日將從Spotify和其他非Apple的串流服務中刪除。


    Apple Music and indie dance label Ministry of Sound have struck an exclusive playlist deal, according to multiple sources. The deal effectively means that all of Ministry Of Sounds many popular playlists will only be available on Apple Music. The exclusive deal with Apple Music begins Thursday Oct. 4th.

    It's just the latest example of music streamers turning to exclusives in an effort to differentiate themselves from competitors. The industry will watch the effects of this deal closely, including whether Spotify retaliates by re-emphasizing MoS music on the platform or how much new signings will fear being shut out for the streamer.

    Popular Ministry of Sound playlists including "Dance Nation," "R&B Mixtape" and "Ibiza Anthems" each of which has hundreds of thousands of followers, will be removed from Spotify and other non-Apple streaming services in the coming days.