Apple Music在美國擁有比Spotify更多的付費用戶

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  • Apple Music在美國擁有比Spotify更多的付費用戶


    ◎據華爾街日報發布的一份新報導援引熟悉數據的消息人士稱,Apple Music在美國擁有比Spotify更多的付費用戶。Apple在美國和全球一直以比Spotify更快的速度增加訂閱戶。

    ◎據華爾街日報稱,蘋果公司每月增加的訂閱戶的比率為2.6%-3%,而Spotify則為1.5%-2%。而在全球的部分,該消息人士稱,Apple Music的訂閱戶增長率為2.4%-2.8%,Spotify的用戶增長率為2%%-2.3%。

    ◎由於Spotify擁有一個有廣告插播的免費方案,使其總體足跡仍然大於Apple在美國和全球的足跡。Spotify至少有2億月活躍用戶,其中有超過8700萬名付費訂閱戶。截至1月份,Apple Music擁有5000萬名付費訂閱戶。


    Apple Music has more paid subscribers that Spotify in the United States, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, citing sources familiar with the figures. Apple has been adding subscribers at a faster rate than Spotify, both in the US and globally.

    According to the WSJ, Apple has been adding subscribers at a monthly rate of 2.6% - 3%, compared to 1.5% - 2% for Spotify.

    Globally, the sources say that Apple Music's subscriber growth is 2.4% - 2.8% and Spotify's has fallen to 2% - 2.3%.

    Because of it's ad supported tier, Spotify's total footprint is still larger than Apple's both in the US and globally. Spotify has at least 200 million monthly active users including more than 87 million paid subscribers. Apple Music had 50 million paid users as of January.