Apple Music增加了116個每日更新的「Top 100」排行榜

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  • Apple Music增加了116個每日更新的「Top 100」排行榜


    ◎Apple Music增加了116個「Top 100」排行榜,每個排行榜都將顯示在Apple Music上被串流聆聽最多次的歌曲,每日進行資料更新。在一項為Rolling Stone雜誌做的示範中,Apple公司的高管展示了全球排行榜,以及在Apple Music目前所進駐的每個國家/地區都有各自的「Top 100」排行榜。
    ◎新的Apple Music排行榜集中放在應用程式中「瀏覽」的選項卡之下,每個排行榜會每天在太平洋標準時間上午12點時進行更新。Apple軟體和Apple Music的更多更新預計將會在9月12日舉行的發表會上展現。
    ◎Apple Music此舉可說是對至高無上的Billboard排行榜的又一次打擊,Billboard的排行榜每週更新一次,並根據定期更改的指導方針進行管理操縱。


    Apple Music is adding 116 “Top 100” charts today. Each chart will display the top streamed songs on Apple Music, updated daily. In a demo for Rolling Stone, Apple execs showed a global chart and a Top 100 chart for every country where Apple Music is available.
    The new Apple Music charts are grouped under the “Browse” tab. Each chart is updated daily at 12 a.m. PST.
    More updates to Apple's software and Apple Music are expected to be presented at a September 12th event.
    It's yet another blow to the supremacy of the Billboard charts which are updated weekly and guided by regularly changing guidelines.