Apple Music推出「Africa Now」播放列表,其中包含非洲Hip-Hop,Gqom,Afrobeats等的最新信息

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  • Apple Music推出「Africa Now」播放列表,其中包含非洲Hip-Hop,Gqom,Afrobeats等的最新信息


    ◎ Apple Music宣布正式啟動新的《Africa Now》播放列表,播放來自非洲大陸最炙手可熱的當代藝人的音樂。首張播放列表的封面人物是Burna Boy的新單曲《Money Play》。播放列表每週更新一次,其中包括:非洲Hip-Hop,Gqom,Afrobeats,amapiano,Afro-bongo,Alte,Kuduro等的最新訊息。
    ◎Apple Music並不是第一個提供當代非洲音樂播放列表的串流媒體服務。去年10月Spotify推出了一個新的Afro中心,其中包含播放列表,例如:African Heat (533,000追蹤者), Afro Hits (298,000追蹤者)與We Everywhere (364,000追蹤者)等播放列表。
    ◎串流媒體領域的這些舉措與西方唱片公司在非洲市場上不斷增加的投資相吻合。Sony Music上個月成為美國最後一家與串流媒體服務Boomplay Music達成許可協議的主要唱片公司,據稱該服務在非洲擁有6000萬用戶。最近的其他投資包括:Warner Music今年3月與奈及利亞唱片公司Chocolate City合作,以及Universal唱片公司去年收購肯亞唱片公司AI Records的多數股權。


    On Tuesday (Dec. 24), Apple Music announced the official launch of its new Africa Now playlist featuring music from the continent’s hottest contemporary artists. The inaugural playlist features cover star Burna Boy’s new single “Money Play” in the No. 1 spot. Listen to it here.
    “Apple Music is a huge support system for ensuring African music reaches as many ears as possible all over the globe!” said Burna Boy in a statement. “As a 2019 Apple Music Up Next artist the impact of that honour is still bring felt today! So more grease to them! They’re family now, always love.”
    The playlist will be updated every week and feature the latest in African hip-hop, Gqom, Afrobeats, amapiano, Afro-bongo, Alte, Kuduro and more.
    Apple Music isn’t the first streaming service to center a playlist on contemporary African music. Last October, Spotify introduced a new Afro hub featuring playlists such playlists as African Heat (533,000 followers), Afro Hits (298,000 followers) and We Everywhere (364,000 followers).
    These moves in the streaming space coincide with increasing investments in the African market by Western labels. Last month, Sony Music became the final major label in the U.S. to strike a licensing deal with streaming service Boomplay Music, which claims to reach 60 million users in Africa. Other recent investments include Warner Music’s partnership with Nigerian label Chocolate City this past March and Universal’s purchase of a majority stake in the Kenyan music label AI Records last year.