Apple Music推出Apple Digital Masters測試高音質串流而無需額外付費

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  • Apple Music推出Apple Digital Masters測試高音質串流而無需額外付費


    ◎Apple Music宣布推出「Apple Digital Masters」,將其「Mastered for iTunes」產品引入其全球串流目錄中。

    ◎75%的美國前百大歌曲,及71%的全球前百大歌曲都是以高音質的串流格式提供。這幾週來,粉絲已注意到Apple Music上的高音質曲目,這是Apple首次承認該計劃。

    ◎Apple於2012年推出「Mastered for iTunes」,提供一套指南和免費軟體,使音樂製作人和錄音工程師能夠為iTunes下載服務優化歌曲,如今這些曲目也正提供給串流媒體。鋼琴家郎朗就表示「音質令人難以置信!鋼琴是最難被正確母帶製作的樂器,而這個聲音聽起來很棒!」。TIDAL、Deezer和Quboz都以19.99美元的價格提供高音質串流服務,一般音質的串流服務則是9.99美元,Spotify曾經試驗性的推出過高音質串流服務;值得注意的是,Apple並沒有額外收費。


    Apple Music has announced the launch of 'Apple Digital Masters,' which brings its "Mastered for iTunes" offering into its global streaming catalog.

    75% of the Top 100 tracks in the U.S. and 71% of the Top 100 globally offered in the hi-res streaming format. Hi-res tracks across Apple Music have been noted by fans for weeks, but this is Apple's first acknowledgment of the program.

    Apple launched Mastered for iTunes in 2012 with a set of guidelines and free software that enabled producers and engineers to optimize tracks for the download service. Now those tracks are being offered for streaming.

    "The audio quality is incredible! The piano is the hardest instrument to get right and this sounds amazing," said concert pianist Lang Lang. "They sound fucking great!" agreed producer Don Was.

    Lost Revenue?

    Notably, Apple is not charging extra to stream the tracks.

    TIDAL, Deezer Quboz offer high resolution streaming at a premium price of $19.99 vs. the typical $9.99 subscription, and Spotify has experimented with the option.

    Most observers believed that hi-res music at a higher price could mean additional revenue for artist, labels and the streamers themselves, particularly at a time when average revenue per user is falling as streaming services expand into emerging markets, offer new discounts, and bundle their services with mobile careers at lower monthly fees.