Apple Music提供學生6個月免費試用

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  • Apple Music提供學生6個月免費試用


    ◎Apple Music將學生免費試用期從三個月延長至六個月。音樂串流服務通常的免費試用期從30、60到90天都有,這是Apple Music或任何其他主流串流媒體所提供過的最長的免費試用期。

    ◎這個為期6個月的優惠活動將從7月9日至9月26日。試用期結束後,Apple Music的學生方案每月收費4.99美元。

    ◎Amazon Music目前則以0.99美元的價格,提供所有新用戶免費試用4個月。


    Apple Music has extended its free trial for students from three months to six months. With the usual music streaming free trial lasting from 30, 60 and 90 days, this is the longest free trial of a premium service ever offered by Apple Music or any other major streamer.

    This 6 month offer runs from July 9th September 26th. After the trial ends, Apple Music's student plan costs $4.99 per month.

    Amazon Music is currently offering all new users 4 months for $0.99.