Apple Music是唯一未對美國版權版稅局裁決提出上訴的主要串流媒體

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  • Apple Music是唯一未對美國版權版稅局裁決提出上訴的主要串流媒體


    ◎Spotify、Pandora、Google和Amazon正在對美國版權版稅局CRB將對歌曲創作者的串流支付增加44%的裁決提出上訴,值得注意的是,音樂科技巨頭Apple Music沒有在一起提出上訴的名單中。

    ◎根據CRB的裁決,串流服務將必需向歌曲創作者和出版商支付收入的15.1%,之前的支付比例為10.5%。而據多位消息人士透露,Apple Music並未對該裁決提起上訴,雖然如果上訴導致版稅降低,他們也會受益,但Apple接受新費率的決定以及對藝人和出版商的友好態度與其競爭對手形成對比。上週Spotify在未經華納音樂的Warner/Chappel音樂出版部門授權的情況下就在印度推出,激怒了音樂出版界的許多人士。


    Spotify, Pandora, Google and Amazon are appealing the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board ruling that would increase streaming payouts to songwriters by 44%. Notably absent from the list of music tech giants is Apple Music.

    Under this CRB ruling, streaming services will be required to pay songwriters and publishers 15.1% of revenue, up from 10.5%.

    Apple Music are not appealing the ruling, according to multiple sources. While they too will benefit if the appeal results lower royalties, Apple's decision to accept the new rates provides and artist and publisher friendly contrast to its competitors. Last week Spotify angered many in the music publishing by launching in India without a licence from WMG's Warner/Chappel Music publising arm.

    David Israelite, CEO of the National Music Publishers' Association, called Spotify, Pandora, Google and Amazon "bullies" for appealing the CRB decision, but praised Apple as a friend of songwriters:

    "We thank Apple Music for accepting the CRB decision and continuing to be a friend to songwriters. While Spotify and Amazon surely hope this will play out in a quiet appellate courtroom, every songwriter and every fan of music should stand up and take notice."